Thursday, December 13, 2012

MFC: Shadow Lake Mysteries - Gotta love those Jumpscares!

You can imagine how excited I was when this came out, as I said it before and I will say it again, they make the best hidden object games ever!!!I love these guys and I need a life ha! -.- mooooving on.....

So our lovely detective sets of in another adventure after his what is supposed to be his "final" case with the Ravenhearst manor (pretty sure it is not the end but you never know) anyway, you get a call from a psychic named Cassandra Williams (who is played by award winning actress Lea Thompson!) and she urgently requests you to meet her at an abandoned town where she seems to hide inside a very..err....abandoned motel!

She explains to us, well actually barely explains anything, the lazy butt just makes me do all the work while she sits and doodles locations on papers for me to find...hrmp.....right back on the subject...we somehow come to discover about an ancient evil artifact that was found by a prisoner over 40 years ago, the artifact that is shaped like a weird horn with strange symbols on it has unusual powers, unusual enough to mind control the prisoner to be evil.

Why don't you do it yourself?Urgh fine!I will do it!

Eventually the prisoner is caught and the artifact starts controlling the mind of the sheriff which in turn starts mind controlling his son which in turn....ahhh okay so it was sort of like a chain mail you receive in your email and mark it as spam, except this is more dangerous! So apart from just learning about the secrets of the artifact, it also becomes a mission to find the cursed thing and get rid of it before it harms anyone else.

So what was the game play like in the end....well to be honest, the game was really good but it did have some certain flaws. Let us start with the good stuff, the game as usual, beautiful graphics and interesting plot line, and holy moly did it have a lot of jumpscares!That was the best part of it all, a spooky game should have jumpscares and that's what MFC finally decided to do, I mean that was just...brilliant!

My first jumpscare was from her...she is so beautiful! :P

As for the flaws, well with a good story line and everything, I was still not able to get close to any of the characters. There was Cassandra, there was even ghost hunting team with an egoistic host and a very lazy laid back assistant, the ghost lady who drowned in the lake and so good as the characters are, they were not memorable in anyway. As soon the game was done, I cared less about the characters I met, it was not like how I admired and always wanted to know about the depth of characters in their other MFC games. I guess what I am trying to say is, this who game felt like a pointless filler, ha no beginning and had no future to anything more interesting.

Overall, I still enjoyed the game, it was enjoyable and it was super fun, I mean really...the Jumpscares....I really forgot about the flaws just for that Ha! But could it have done better, yes they could, considering that they had amazing games in the past, the expectations have risen and so maybe because of the the game did not pull of as being the most amazing ones, but nevertheless it was still worth playing!

Game rating: 3 jumpscares out of 5!

On a side note...yes I remembered my last post stating I would make Gif's of me, it turned out to be a failure..Also as of now, I am having a major trouble trying to post a GIF...the heck?!!??.And this week, ahh swamped with work!Like it is going crazy around here.....well here is something else to compensate for it.....

There you go, how cute is that???Ha!Okay then I will catch you guys next week, cya!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


You can say this is probably one of the things that annoy me the most...I mean really I do not mind you do this any place else but come on....does it have to be in front of things people need to use?Like this or ATM machines or whatever! Blaaarrghhhhhh!!!!! that is out of the way....going to make a review next...want to try something new....making GIFs out of myself, It looks sort of fun!well atleast the idea is that you guys would know how exactly I felt about well anything I was talking about because let's face it...I am not always good with words and there are times I wish you just saw what my face was like when certain things happen in certain places but hahahaha okay..... I will stop now just to avoid blabbing random nonsense.

Cya guys next week, enjoy your day!Love love hearts hearts....bye bye!!!! :P :D 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We are one....

So I had this dream....two girls but turns out it was not two but one person all along...sort of I guess like a split personality thing. Anyways, they were both assassins or something of that sort, the one in yellow being very calm and collective and the other one being the "kill first and ask questions later" sort of deal...I am making no sense am I?

Well whatever that dream was, it was fascinating to a point it made me develop and visualize a story based on this character. Who knows maybe in the future I will, till then this is just a drawing of what I kind of saw in my dream.

On a side note, my apologies for not being able to post in a while....Going through a terrible phase right now...good news is that I am doing much better thanks to the love and support of my best friends. I know I am going to be okay, I was moping for a while but then again positive thinking helped me through this as me friends, if you ever feel down, just be positive, you are going to be okay!Keep smiling and stay strong! Smile in the face of despair, believe me, it can do wonders when you are feeling down!

With that I will catch you guys on the next post....working on a new comic and working on a new video as well...looking forward for that!Yay!Have a great day everyone, catch you guys soon!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The forest...

So I had a rough week and did not prepare again for a Thursday post....oops.

So I will usually do what I usually do in the silly rambles section, ramble silly things...ahem!

So here I am going to share a weird dream, unlike my previous ones, this one is rather peaceful and sweet....kinda......

The dream starts of with me standing in an open field  where the grass is fresh green and the area was just nice, bright and sunny with a lovely breeze that hits your face like a tender kiss....ohh the feels.

When I look around, I realise I am in what looks like a farm, there was a big barn next to me and on the open field were men laughing away after a hard day's work of....farming?Okay I honestly have no idea what they were working on...what was even weird was that they were taking a break by playing a game...they were bull fighting.....emmm okay back to peaceful mode!

So I decided to take a stroll, it was a beautiful day and of course I would not miss a chance but to do a bit of exploring, it was amazing, walking around barefoot with the cool wet grass tickling your feet, the cool stream in the side and I made a friend with a cute fat white Labrador puppy! Don't ask me where it came from, it was round and fat and wobbly cute!

Upon walking a bit further, I noticed a bit far ahead was the forest, the tall trees surrounding the area made it a pretty dark and shady place and only a green light that faintly illuminates the place, I kept staring at it regardless of it's eerie darkness, it still looked surprisingly pretty. But after a while, I notice there was something staring at me in the forest, I looked directly at it, it was huge and had antlers on it's head, ah, a deer of course, it had to be, it was way to dark to be sure of it completely. Soon the idea of it being a deer faded away when it seemed to approach a bit closer, it had red eyes and hand with long and sharp claws.

Suddenly, everything around me turned dark....I was confused, is it nighttime already? I turned around and realized to my horror that I was in the woods, I had walked into the woods, staring at that thing without realizing I was approaching it. It was like I was in a trance, my focus went back to the glowing red eyes, I could not move away, I kept staring at that thing, I was scared but my feet kept moving, inching closer and closer till I started to see it much more looked at me....and it smiled...that smile.....that horrible smile.....a smile so wide that all I saw was sharp teeth and it's skin, so dark grey and green....overall I have no idea what it was but it did not look like it want to play nice.

Somehow I was able to stop walking, the fear grew inside of me so much that I took it upon myself to break free from this so called trance and back away, the smile soon faded away and all I saw was anger on his face, he began to move, he was ready to chase me.

I ran, as fast as I could I ran, I could hear him run behind me, he was too fast, I was soon able to see his claws outstretched and ready to grab me from behind, the end it did grab me. The thing turned me around, lifted my up with his hands on the side of my head and..............I woke up.

Okay so maybe I lied about it being a peaceful loving dream....muahaha

But in all seriousness, I did learn something from the dream....I have been going through a lot of mental stress and somehow I do wish I was in a far away land where I can just be peaceful and be free from all things that bother me, I think the thing just wants to pull me back into that darkness.

I guess the only thing I want to do now is as much as I want to escape stress, i do want to resolve it as well, so if I do have to face the creature then might as well face it once and for all....alone or with anyone else. Speaking of which, where the heck did that fat puppy run off too?!?Oh well... hope things get better but till then I am going to keep working hard and distracted myself with stuff. Maybe finish up on that artwork I was keep away for so long...or that new video I was supposed to work on ages ago.

Until next time..Sorry for the rough post..have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shadow Wolf Mysteries : Cursed Weddings - The Werewolves are back and roaring!

After the success of it's previous sequel "Bane of the Family" comes a new adventure called "Cursed Weddings" which starts off with fresh new characters and yet another weird moment with the werewolf. Oh yes, they just made it much more weird than the last time! 

So the story revolves around a lovely bride to be named Veronica, who postpones her wedding after being spooked by a werewolf that entered her home. With the cooperation of Veronica and her handsome future husband, Mr. Smith, I was given permission to explore their freaking huge beautiful mansion for clues.

I want a pretty huge mansion just like this one!

As the game progresses, I come across many other different characters, to a point, I kind of already figured out what the ending was going to be like, but nevertheless, we do get to meet some really interesting characters, like a huge circus bodybuilder who is in love (awww!!) and a dancer with a awesome strong and smart attitude (Sassy me likey!!) to also a very grumpy gun shop owner who wants to avenge the death of his sister who got killed by the werewolf.....provided I pay for the gun to kill it and not just any kind of ordinary payment but to pay him in the sum of 2 rare gold coins.....umm of the year award goes to that guy for sure. 

So of course, besides all this, I am pretty excited to tell you the weird part of the whole scenario, the werewolf.....the fluffy scary looking werewolf.....TALKS!

Come on developers!!Bad enough you put up a werewolf family portrait in the last sequel now you make a werewolf less scary by having it talk? And no, making the werewolf have a very angry growl and deep voice does not make it anywhere near from being scary!!

Lovely bedroom, oh that?I'm sure Veronica can handle it...what?I still have to save her?urgh fine!!

So apart from all that nonsense with the talking werewolf, the game still delivers an entertaining game play, I guess what made it more fun to play with the lovely art work they put into it, I mean seriously, I want that mansion! Hey...hey hey hey hey werewolf stop!!!Stop destroying the beautiful furniture...dang it!! Ah this means I got to end this review.....on a side note....Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe!

Game rating: **** 4 howling werewolves out of 5!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Facade - All I wanted was some Orange Juice!

This was fun! 
I just noticed that Grace looks like Madison from Heavy rain..LOL!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scary Reactions are fun!!!

Hi friends!!!

A quicky quick post here!!!

So in the spirit of Halloween.....and in the spirit of just having spooky fun......A buddy of mine decided to make a fun scare reaction compilation video for his channel......and everyone is welcome to join in!!

All you have to do is watch this flick called the waterfront picture.....or if you want you can have someone else watch it is the link

And record your reactions and send it across.....well further details on that and a better explanation than what I just did...I present to you Monte!

So look forward to watching the reaction Videos....hpe you guys have fun doing it as much as we are!!!
Now if you will excuse me...I am off to make a reaction video! Ciao!!! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Zombie Nikki!!!

Friends.... I am pretty sure, when I turn into a zombie, I will still probably be hunting and raiding bakeries than eating brains!buahahhaha!

On the other hand, season 3 of the walking dead is going to start real soon!So exciting!!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Greeting cards I made as a kid!

So, my mom came across tons of card I made as a kid...did not have anything new to post so why not?:P
Here is a card I made for my sis....

Man I was so dorky back then! And here is a card I made for my mom....

Ha..yea I made that...of course it was me...I always ended up making card with some sort of cat species in it!buahahaa!

And here is a bad photographed card I made as a kid for my mom on mother's!

Heh....the frog had the ring stuck on his tongue.....That is one tiny ring I chose for my mom if you think about it! :P

Presneting the front page of a b'day card my mom insisted on showing to you guys....*sigh* oh mom!
This is her fav card apparently! Well That's it for now...I am done showing my childish dorky stuff but then again it was fun looking back at all these things I made and have a good laugh at it!

Till next time!Have a great day everybody!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My favourite things: Part 2

And these are the only two I came up with.....heh! :P
Have a great day everybody! ^.^

Friday, September 21, 2012

Damn you words!

Some words are just to hard to pronounce!

P.S. Sorry for the delay, had trouble uploading this video, thankfully I got it fixed! :D enjoy! ^.^

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Girls with secrets - Not much of a secret really! -.-

So I decided to play this game only because I wanted to know about the secrets....well it looked interesting and I love secrets!!!what?I am a curious kitty okay?

Moving on....The story starts of with the main character going to a club and then suddenly find herself in a cemetery and later on has no clue as to what has happened the previous night. She receives a shocking news that a popular girl from her school named Amy was murdered and she somehow took it up to her hands to find out who was responsible for her death. I mean come on, if the main character doesn't poke her nose in a murder case that the police should be taking care of  then how are we ever supposed to play? Geez. -.-

So she stops by the victim's house and what after looks like a million years of constant hidden object quests, we finally discover that the victim Amy was like any other brat that loved to find out embarrassing secrets of school mates and teachers by noting it down in a cute looking journal....just like the burn book in the movie Mean girls! So, out of all the gossips and juicy secrets in the journal, there were two potential suspects who have secrets so devastatingly embarrassing that if leaked out could get them into loads of trouble, pretty much a good motive for murder.

So she meets her first suspect, who works in a bar, who denies having anything to do with the murder and gives her information that there was however another potential suspect with a deadly secret but she refuses to help our hero out until she helps in with something in return and that help was to find spray. -.-

Oh no, that is completely normal, I am just some annoying random teenager that is going to first accuse you of murder, then scream whoops maybe it is not you because I have no evidence against you then please by all means let me help you find some cleaning spray because you have bar duties to fulfill so I can probably take whatever stupid vague information you have of this unknown suspect regardless you are telling me the truth or not...what??!!!?? *Big sigh* And yes there was another million more hidden object quests just to get some freaking cleaning spray!!!!

Anyways, she later on meets up with her next suspect who also denies having anything to do with the murder but also hints about the same unknown suspect and that there are photographs of that person safely hidden somewhere in Amy's house. So then again you end up with another set of million hidden objects around Amy's house just to find the stupid photos, I mean come on! She had the freaking journal, she could have just read the journal and probably find information about this mystery person, why did I have to go through an entire house of stupid never ending hidden object quests for it and she even went to the extent of sneaking into a detective's office just to find out who it was! Which brings me to the heck did she sneak into a detective's house twice without being caught....what kind of lame detective agency was that??

So anyway the ending finally came up and well it was so damn obvious, it was pretty obvious from the start actually, I could tell you who the murderer was, or maybe not tell you regardless you will probably still figure it is easy as pie.....mmmm...pie.

So what was awful about the game?The story well even though it was bluntly obvious, it was still interesting to read about the secrets of the suspects and what not, I just wish they added some effort in presenting the story, there was just some cut outs of the characters blabbering out their dialogues and then a spiral of non stop hidden object games, it was really getting into my nerves! There were barely any mini games as well, most of the mini games were repeated and boring!

The good thing about the game was well, I would give it to the music, they really had good background music, considering the non stop marathon of objectives I had to finish up on... at least there was the music that kept me going.

So in the end, the game could have done a lot to save itself from being interesting, I no to rant out my rage of ever deciding to play this game and the other to actually use my brain in solving puzzles after my brain cells dissolved from this crappy mystery saga!mooo! -.-

Game rating: 2 diaries out of 5!

Game developers: hmm time to add Nikki to our lil burn book!! :P

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Animal Molester! o.0

Oh and you think the cat butt grabbing molestation is an exaggeration?? Well then Let me introduce you to......



*sobs* I am so sorry kitties!!I did not mean to abuse your butts!!!!I just wanted some hugs and cuddles!!!!Me innocent!!!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


So I was going to post a new comic today, then again I was pretty proud of this one and I could not wait to share it..I was listening to one of my favorite songs the other day and I loved one of the lines mentioned in the song, somehow in the end I just wanted to make here it is......Ta Da!!!

Oh, and this is the first time I learnt to use my art and merge it with different backgrounds like this antique worked!!Yay!!!...again Ta Da!!!!!

And I am done talking.....for now........Ta da....oops I mean byeee byeeee!!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I play Slenderman! -.-

Put on your headphones, turns off the lights....and enjoy!!
FYI......I am never playing this stupid game again! *sobs*

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magical orders of doom!

So I encountered yet another weird dream but this time it was not scary (thank goodness for that) yet it was strange nevertheless.

So I was in what looked like either a hotel room or an apartment, whatever it was, it was rather fancy, I mean really fancy. I was in a room and there was an old lady standing right in front of me, what I can tell was that she was my master and I was her apprentice, she was tall and thin and very sophisticated but her face was far from being gentle and caring...she was scary.

She paced around the room with a serious face, she would occasionally pause to look at me with her stern eyes and go back pacing back and forth again, all I could do was stand and wait for her to say something. She finally goes up to a table, and grabbed what looked like a palm sized obsidian ball and with a wave of her hand the top side of the weird looking ball moulded into sharp spikes. So she was not just some ordinary lady, she was some sort of enchantress. She hands me the spikey ball and says go now, do it. Funny thing was I knew what she wanted me to do, there was a guy living in the same floor as us that she wanted dead, I had to kill him with the weird spikey ball. Why did she want him dead? No idea, I guess it was not for me to know but before I could say anything else she turns and walks away with the satisfaction that I will get the job done.

So I walk down the hall and I finally find his room, I just stand a distance away from the door holding the spiked ball for more than 5 minutes like a complete idiot, it dawned to me that I couldn't do it, I just could not bring myself to kill the guy, I dont even know how he looks or what he had done to make my so called master angry but the thought of killing someone just suddenly made me cringe. It took me a while but in the end I around and run the heck out of there. I was like "Foop it!There is no way I am going to kill someone innocent...or atleast I knew I did not have any sort of grudge against that person!"

I took the stairs and headed down to what looked like a huge parking lot, it was pretty busy, there were people around trying to look for a place to park and for some odd reason there was a huge warehousing unit right in front of the parking space and there were these people working there giving me the look as if I wasn't meant to be there. Again I just gave them a stupid confused look for the next 2 mins with the spikey ball in my hands and made a dash for it, I had no idea where I was going all I knew was I wanted to get out of the building, I did not want to kill the guy nor I wanted to go back to my creepy master and let her know I have not done my job, she would kill me or maybe worse...turn me into a cockroach and squish me...I don't wanna be a roach....or be squished...or die as a squished roach....ewww squished roach...blech.

Anyways that led to a new problem, I could not get out the building, I could not find the stupid exit!!!I ended up again looking at the spiky ball for the next two mins hoping I would miraculously find the exit!geez dream Nikki it was a spiky ball of death not a those cute little compass ball keychains that will navigate me out of there.

And then I woke up...I'm pretty sure I never got out of that parking lot...moral of the story?Don't work for someone with magic powers....just...don't!

An yet again an unprepared post!LOL
Was going to upload and share a video today but a lot has to be edited before I can put it out is going to be up next Thursday for sure!!Till then catch you guys soon!!boooooo-byeeeee!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ah memories! (my experimental stitching projects!)

Okay...well....ahem....I will be honest....I had not planned anything to post today. *places paper bag over the head*. I have been having an awful week...actually going through a very awful phase but hey I am trying to be positive and hopefully things get better soon.

So I am going to post in some of my old and first time experimental sort of creations. Let us begin....

Presenting my old stitching project....a lil kitty, it had a safety pin attached in the back so it could be hooked onto bags and purses.

A tiny cappucino keychain....horrible stitching is obvious in this one lol

A cloth cellphone photoframe :P

So Yea, these were some of the stitching projects I did in the past, I am so clueless on these things LOL!

All of them were made from a very old T-shirt I loved so much and I had a lot of free time....I do want to get back to stitching again since I kinda learned a bit form my past mistakes...I just don't know what to make as yet....we shall see...all the best to me -.-

Catch you guys next a lot of plans made for the coming posts so looking forward for that!Till then enjoy your day!Ciao!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I will always be there....

A few days ago, I found this sweet message somewhere around the interwebz, I had to put it somewhere as a part of my art and so this was created!
By the way, this is the first time I actually drew a guy!Yes, apart from hands, I am also horrible at drawing men!Well, did'nt turn out so bad, I will just pat myself in the back now atleast for the attempt! :P

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Howlville : The Dark Past - Portal to confusion!

This will probably be one of my shortest game reviews ever made in this blog, the notion that this game was so short and so boring and the story line was very simple. There....The end. What?I told you it was going to be a short review!

Okay, it wasn't going to be that short!Let's just get serious shall we? So the story begins with a runaway ambulance, Driving this ambulance is a mental patient named Rachel who is determined to find her father who vanished due to an ill fated experiment years ago. So she heads of to Howlville, where her father was last seen.

While everyone thinks she is absolutely crazy, she is the only one who believes he father was a part of a deadly experiment which involves creatures coming out of a different portal  destroying the entire city f Howlville, funny that a strange event like that would be so well known yet it remains a secret. Anyways, she heads over to Howlville and encounters not only the evil scientist but also this massive, huge, gigantic monster that is out to get her.....seriously?How did people miss this?

Of course as the main character of the story, you are not going to give up just because of some big scary monster and pursue onto finding out what's going on and where the heck is daddy dearest. But that's what makes the whole game off loop, every single cut scene throughout the game did not shed much light on the monster attack incident, every single cut scene was just about where she headed off next in her mission, it wasn't exciting and it also really did not make anything clear as to why after all these years the monsters and the scientists decide to revolt against the world. The ending also made me go..."what the...?huhh??okay wait huhhh???"

I guess the only good thing about the game was that it was not at all difficult to play, easy and simple and quite systematic. Apart from that well, there was nothing much to look forward from this game.
One thing is for sure, if there was ever going to be a sequel to this game, you can count me out from playing it!
And there goes my review, told you it would be short! :P

Well then that's all for on a new art, for the very first time, I am drawing a guy!I am horrible at drawing men so fingers crossed that this will come out okay. ^.^ C'ya guys soon!!^.^

Game rating : * 1 (I-feel-so-sorry) star out of 5!