Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Sis!!!

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This post is a special dedication to my awesome sister!!A very happy birthday to my best friend and role model!!!
Love you so much!!!mwwaaahzzz!!!!

CAKE TIME!!!O nom nom nom....

Friday, January 27, 2012


You know that feeling when you are able to smell some really good food and you could never figure out where it was coming from? And you don’t even know what it is but you still want it anyways? Well something like that almost happened to me yesterday, well... almost!

So I made egg sandwiches that morning, any guy out there reading this…NO! I am not going to make you one! Damn you women to the kitchen jokes!lol! Right moving on…I made egg sandwiches for lunch and headed off for work, now this never usually happens but yesterday of all the times I travelled in the train to work, that was the day my egg sandwiches decide to fill the entire compartment with its wonderful aroma. I could smell it and I could tell by the people’s twitchy bunny nose action that they could smell it too. It did seem a bit awkward at first because I was just trying to mind my own business but at the same time you couldn’t help notice these people looking around wondering where the heck is that wonderful smell was coming from….okay okay I maybe I am boasting a bit too much over my cooking...err..sandwich skills, I am pretty sure they are just wondering who the heck was eating in the train.

So I was feeling a bit awkward when suddenly it hit me, sure they can smell it but they will never know who it is from, they will never know it’s mine! Of course with that crossing my mind, I couldn't help but give out an evil smile. I scanned the compartment looking at puzzled people and trying to cover up my silly smile and then out of nowhere I see a woman standing a few feet away from  me staring at me in a very weird way, I ignored it at first only to meet her eye to eye again, looking at me, so intensely, *gasp* She knows!!!!!!She knows that it is my lunch barrrghhh, now what? Her stare, was honestly the most dramatic and intense stare I have ever seen, it was like she could read my mind, it was like she was going to raise her hand and point at me and scream "YOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!"0.o and then probably grab my lunch and bag and scream "THE SOURCE OF SNIFF SNIFF IS HERE"!!!That made no sense, wait when was this article ever about making sense in the first place?

Anyywaayys...well nothing did really happen after that stare down, left the train and never saw that woman again, and my paranoia feeling stopped and I moved on listening to ancient songs stored in my mobile....what?did you expect an ultimate showdown or catfight for my lunch?no that is it...story over...there is a reason this section is called silly rambles lol :P well since the title is about sandwiches, might as well end this article on a silly sandwich fact, I love turkey sandwiches and the best I have tried so far is at Tim Hortons cafe restaurant....The End :3 umm..okay then bye bye!*runs away*

Monday, January 23, 2012

Silly Rambles!

Yay a new section! *dance dance*
Okay dance session over, now for an Intro! This section is entirely dedicated to silly nonsense stuff that runs inside my mind, from weird dreams to something that intrigues me on a day to day basis. I came up with the idea of making this section just this morning when I was on my way to work, a silly thing that made me smile also made me realise that I should share it with others just for the fun of it. So I do hope you enjoy the new section, I do hope this new section intrigues you in some way and I really do hope your brains don't turn out to become something like scrambled eggs.....I like scrambled eggs...actually I have a sudden craving for noodles right now with scrambled fried eggs *slurp*....ahh great now I'm really hungry!anyways catch you with a new post soon! ^.^

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Internet Addict!

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Yay my very first GIF! Never done something like this before but it seems fun, so I hope to do more of these kind of stuff!

Okay now to the subject....yup this is me, this is what I do almost everyday! I just can't go to bed without checking up on my favorite websites, a habit I should really cut down on *blush* and I am pretty sure it might not happen any time soon *blush blush* lol!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I should really stop playing Portal 2!

A random doodle I made when I was really stressed and frustrated, it got even more frustrating to draw the hands, I suck at drawing hands lol! After a while I just added the words and now it suddenly becomes a reference to Portal 2! HA!
I love that game so much and the song is even more awesome, currently I am playing it for the 7th time, hmm.... I should really stop else I will literally end up looking like this!lol!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shadow Mysteries - Bane of the family - This family is weird!

I do love werewolves so it was only natural for me to play this game. This game is however the sequel to the first installment - the curse of the full moon, but strangely enough, it didn't have much to do with the first part at all.

The story revolves around a very sick child who has got the curse of transforming into a werewolf passed down by her parents, the father is trying to figure out an antidote to cure her while on the other hand the mother wishes her daughter to accept the curse and of course it is upto the player to try stop the mother from doing so. The story is very simple and a bit predictable but the style of the game makes it very interesting.

The only problem however was that there were too many Hidden Object puzzles to finish up on, I know the main genre of the game is hidden object but there was just too many of them, every time I move on to the next scene, I see the sparkly darkly stuff telling me to find more things and I just keep telling my self "aw man, cant you just leave it in the ground or something so I can pick it up later?No?alright fine let's start looking for stuff!" But I must say there was one thing that did make me say what the *beep*?!?!? And this was it.......

Seriously what kind of portrait is that?Was there no other way to tell us that the parents were werewolves?Among all the scenes like a wolf trying to maul your face, a gun pointing towards your direction, creepy skeletons in  tunnel etc. seems way okay than this weird thing!:P

But overall the game is'nt so bad, I had fun playing it, especially had a lot of fun playing the bonus game, so I would still suggest you to try it out especially when you are dead bored and have nothing better to do :3

Game Rating: ***

Woof...err....howl...bark...oh never mind.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I wish.....

I wish I had little garden of my own where I can spend my time reading a good book and eating some cake!
I also wish I had my reading buddy with me, I used to have an awesome reading buddy, we used to go to a coffee shop and drink coffee,eat cakes and read books together every saturday, but now she moved back to India for good and I miss her so much :( So this little art goes out to my reading buddy Hema, I wish you never had to go back, I hope you come and visit soon!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

O nom nom nom mew!

If I was a cat, I would be happy too if I got a huge giant can of cat food!LOL!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magician's hat gift box

 I made a gift box for my friend who came for a visit to Dubai for a few days. I wish I did have more time to make it perfect, I would have loved to change so many things, such as, having the rim of the hat to be a bit bigger and drawing the bunny a bit different just to make it easier to close the box. Well there were more flaws than that but I am happy that she still liked it,yay! :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Escape from Ravenhearst - Charles is up to no good again!

The third installment to the Ravenhearst series and clearly a lot of new changes are noticed immediately at the very start of the game, which kinda got in a lot of mixed reviews to the audience, frankly speaking i loved it!

For those who don't know anything about this game series, to sum it all up, you play as a detective who is assigned to check out the Ravenhearst manor for reasons I don't remember anymore to ultimately realize that the manor once belonged to a man named Charles Dalimar, a twisted maniac who fell in love with a sweet girl named Emma. Eventually the detective does free Emma's ghostly spirit from Charles along with other spirits in the second installment.

This latest installment revolves mostly on understanding the villain Charles Dalimar, who tries to make the detective understand what it is like to be in his shoes and makes the detective go through the whole ordeal of reliving Charles Dalimar's life from his abusive childhood to his present madness.

In this installment however, they have completely removed the whole hidden object game play and changed it to something different, morphing!I think most of the audience didn't like the new change in game play but I kinda have a love hate situation over it, I mean it is fun because it is something new and challenging but at the same time it can be a situation where it is almost like watching paint dry.

However the only thing that kind of tampered my expectations was the quick wrap up of Charles Dalimar's life story, what I mean is that he actually goes in so much detail on how he was born and lived a horrible childhood to how he was stuck at an mental asylum but by the time he reaches to explain about the proposal to Emma, there is nothing much to it, I would have loved to know what was running in Charle's mind when he met Emma, I mean come on Emma is such an important part of the story, we all know how she felt at the first series but what about him!It was wrapped so quickly it kind of broke the flow of the story and made me feel as though I went to all that trouble just to finish a game and end up feeling so incomplete.

But overall the game was entertaining and of course MFC has always been amazing with their creativity and did a wonderful job of displaying that in this game as well.

Game Rating : ****

My kind of games...

Hi!(I am still horrible at introductions *sigh*)

Just  a quick intro on what kind of games I would be reviewing in the future. I love games, pretty much any kind of games, the only thing that really stops me from playing every single game is either lack of time,a very crappy laptop or an empty wallet ^.^ So I prefer to occupy myself in games which are super simple and easy such as hidden object games and such, but hopefully I do hope to review more games of different platforms in the future but that will take some time, till then I do hope you enjoy the reviews.

Thanks for reading this Intro, take care!Cya! :D