Sunday, January 1, 2012

Escape from Ravenhearst - Charles is up to no good again!

The third installment to the Ravenhearst series and clearly a lot of new changes are noticed immediately at the very start of the game, which kinda got in a lot of mixed reviews to the audience, frankly speaking i loved it!

For those who don't know anything about this game series, to sum it all up, you play as a detective who is assigned to check out the Ravenhearst manor for reasons I don't remember anymore to ultimately realize that the manor once belonged to a man named Charles Dalimar, a twisted maniac who fell in love with a sweet girl named Emma. Eventually the detective does free Emma's ghostly spirit from Charles along with other spirits in the second installment.

This latest installment revolves mostly on understanding the villain Charles Dalimar, who tries to make the detective understand what it is like to be in his shoes and makes the detective go through the whole ordeal of reliving Charles Dalimar's life from his abusive childhood to his present madness.

In this installment however, they have completely removed the whole hidden object game play and changed it to something different, morphing!I think most of the audience didn't like the new change in game play but I kinda have a love hate situation over it, I mean it is fun because it is something new and challenging but at the same time it can be a situation where it is almost like watching paint dry.

However the only thing that kind of tampered my expectations was the quick wrap up of Charles Dalimar's life story, what I mean is that he actually goes in so much detail on how he was born and lived a horrible childhood to how he was stuck at an mental asylum but by the time he reaches to explain about the proposal to Emma, there is nothing much to it, I would have loved to know what was running in Charle's mind when he met Emma, I mean come on Emma is such an important part of the story, we all know how she felt at the first series but what about him!It was wrapped so quickly it kind of broke the flow of the story and made me feel as though I went to all that trouble just to finish a game and end up feeling so incomplete.

But overall the game was entertaining and of course MFC has always been amazing with their creativity and did a wonderful job of displaying that in this game as well.

Game Rating : ****

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