Friday, January 27, 2012


You know that feeling when you are able to smell some really good food and you could never figure out where it was coming from? And you don’t even know what it is but you still want it anyways? Well something like that almost happened to me yesterday, well... almost!

So I made egg sandwiches that morning, any guy out there reading this…NO! I am not going to make you one! Damn you women to the kitchen jokes!lol! Right moving on…I made egg sandwiches for lunch and headed off for work, now this never usually happens but yesterday of all the times I travelled in the train to work, that was the day my egg sandwiches decide to fill the entire compartment with its wonderful aroma. I could smell it and I could tell by the people’s twitchy bunny nose action that they could smell it too. It did seem a bit awkward at first because I was just trying to mind my own business but at the same time you couldn’t help notice these people looking around wondering where the heck is that wonderful smell was coming from….okay okay I maybe I am boasting a bit too much over my cooking...err..sandwich skills, I am pretty sure they are just wondering who the heck was eating in the train.

So I was feeling a bit awkward when suddenly it hit me, sure they can smell it but they will never know who it is from, they will never know it’s mine! Of course with that crossing my mind, I couldn't help but give out an evil smile. I scanned the compartment looking at puzzled people and trying to cover up my silly smile and then out of nowhere I see a woman standing a few feet away from  me staring at me in a very weird way, I ignored it at first only to meet her eye to eye again, looking at me, so intensely, *gasp* She knows!!!!!!She knows that it is my lunch barrrghhh, now what? Her stare, was honestly the most dramatic and intense stare I have ever seen, it was like she could read my mind, it was like she was going to raise her hand and point at me and scream "YOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!"0.o and then probably grab my lunch and bag and scream "THE SOURCE OF SNIFF SNIFF IS HERE"!!!That made no sense, wait when was this article ever about making sense in the first place?

Anyywaayys...well nothing did really happen after that stare down, left the train and never saw that woman again, and my paranoia feeling stopped and I moved on listening to ancient songs stored in my mobile....what?did you expect an ultimate showdown or catfight for my lunch?no that is it...story over...there is a reason this section is called silly rambles lol :P well since the title is about sandwiches, might as well end this article on a silly sandwich fact, I love turkey sandwiches and the best I have tried so far is at Tim Hortons cafe restaurant....The End :3 umm..okay then bye bye!*runs away*

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