Monday, January 16, 2012

Shadow Mysteries - Bane of the family - This family is weird!

I do love werewolves so it was only natural for me to play this game. This game is however the sequel to the first installment - the curse of the full moon, but strangely enough, it didn't have much to do with the first part at all.

The story revolves around a very sick child who has got the curse of transforming into a werewolf passed down by her parents, the father is trying to figure out an antidote to cure her while on the other hand the mother wishes her daughter to accept the curse and of course it is upto the player to try stop the mother from doing so. The story is very simple and a bit predictable but the style of the game makes it very interesting.

The only problem however was that there were too many Hidden Object puzzles to finish up on, I know the main genre of the game is hidden object but there was just too many of them, every time I move on to the next scene, I see the sparkly darkly stuff telling me to find more things and I just keep telling my self "aw man, cant you just leave it in the ground or something so I can pick it up later?No?alright fine let's start looking for stuff!" But I must say there was one thing that did make me say what the *beep*?!?!? And this was it.......

Seriously what kind of portrait is that?Was there no other way to tell us that the parents were werewolves?Among all the scenes like a wolf trying to maul your face, a gun pointing towards your direction, creepy skeletons in  tunnel etc. seems way okay than this weird thing!:P

But overall the game is'nt so bad, I had fun playing it, especially had a lot of fun playing the bonus game, so I would still suggest you to try it out especially when you are dead bored and have nothing better to do :3

Game Rating: ***

Woof...err....howl...bark...oh never mind.

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