Thursday, February 23, 2012

The crows

So last weekend was eventful, actually no it wasn' was the most boring weekend ever!All thanks to an unexpected sandstorm, blech!

Anyways, as much as I wanted to stay home and be all comfy away from the bad weather outside, I still had my Saturday ruined because I had to attend a small business meeting in my office. As soon as the meeting got over, I started to walk around the office aimlessly when I noticed a crow on top of a lamp post outside my window,I just ended up staring at it and that's where my silly little mind starts rambling all over again.

It made me wonder, why are crows giving the symbol for something bad or evil?I never really understood that and I don't even know where that kind of belief actually originated from. Just like the black cat crossing the road or polishing turtles give you good luck...okay I just made up the turtle thing but I kinda didn't have any other examples to give out! Well the point is, why are these animals portrayed in these segments?Is it because of their appearance or just how they behave? It was puzzling for me to think a crow would symbolize anything evil, all I saw was this poor little crow just sitting there all alone, probably waiting to the bad weather to go away. But I guess we imprint in our minds so much of what information is given to us by others that we just don't sometimes try to see the truth for ourselves. And that is where I thought of humans in general, our habits to stereotype one another without any evidence towards what and who we point at.

It is very upsetting indeed to see people this way, to point at a person and blame them for where they come from instead of who they are as a person. It isn't just about where they come from but even how they look or appear, it is wrong to be judgmental on looks and their choice of style. I am not going to try to be the goody two shoes here but I admit a certain number of times I become judgmental too for the very wrong reasons, I haven't accused anyone in a big way but in my mind when something bad did happen, there were times I blamed it in my mind for the person's background instead of his character as a human, it did made me think later on just how stupid it would be if I knew someone hated me just because of a place I came from instead of how I am, it made no sense, it has no logic, I hope to never do that again, in fact....I WILL never do that again and I hope other people are able to do that as well.

By then my thoughts got interrupted by my dad, the crow by that time, well, just kept sitting on the lamp post, doing nothing, who knows it probably looked at me and thought of a silly ramble of its own, okay that is just stupid and weird, I'll just stop now...till then catch you guys again real soon!

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