Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fashion Confusion

So I had a very bizarre dream a long time ago, it was just one of those dreams which you would never forget!It wasn't only just weird but by the end of it I actually ended up learning a lesson from it. It all started with a regular morning routine but only difference was that I was getting ready to go for a job interview to be an assistant for a company that deals in fashion. The best part is that I am least interested in fashion and even waking up so peppy in the morning, it makes me yawn!Sure the waking up part makes everyone yawn but for me so does fashion and studying and sports and..okay we are not talking about that right now back to the dream!

Anyways, So I head over to the office and the first person who notices me is a guy who seemed to be working there as a secretary or something, he was a really kind and friendly, I did remember his name at the time, Something with A...hmm...lets just call him Mr. Apple pie for now, yum Apple pie.... lol, I actually had so much fun talking to this guy. I had no idea what I was talking to him about but I was so sure I was having a fun conversation with him. So then he guided me towards the lobby and asked me to wait for my turn, I noticed that there were other candidates seated there as well trying their luck on the same position I applied for.

After a while, the owner arrives and takes a good look at all of us and she then makes an announcement, she gives us a challenge and the candidate that wins the challenge will become her assistant. Now, I didn't know what the challenge was exactly but I did know it was quite complicated but considering I had a dreamy invisible degree in the field of fashion, it shouldn't have been so hard to do it. But I got really nervous, my confidence just vanished and all I could think of is that there was no way I could get it done. Even with the constant motivation I got from Mr. Apple Pie, I was just not able to pull myself together and in that sudden panic I did what my stupid brain asked me to do, that was to RUN!

I ran like crazy!I didn't bother to see what was in front me nor I was bothered to see who was looking at me, all I wanted to do was get out of there and never return. In all that confusion, I could hear Mr. Apple Pie calling me out, telling me to stop and wait, I could tell that he was trying to help me but I just didn't listen, I refused to even look at him. After so much of running, I finally reach home, I was so mentally and physcially exhausted that the only thing I could do was to go to sleep and try to forget everything. Sleeping within a I always wanted to say an Inception joke...erm...moving on....

I wake up the next morning only to regret what I had done in the interview, I checked my phone frantically just to see if I had recieved any message or call from Mr.Apple Pie because I felt so guilty for I felt I had let him down in some sort of way, but I only ended up getting messages from my other friends trying to cheer me up, funny thing is I never really did give him my number nor did I tell anyone what happened at the interview. After that all was a blur and I woke up from this confusing dream, but no matter what it still stays in my mind, all I could really think was that I should have never ran away from there, no matter how tough the challenge was I should have stayed there and finished it off even if I didn't do it right, but noooooo..... what do I do?Run off the place like a mouse being chased by an old lady with a broomstick in a kitchen!

So in the end, I not only ran away like a loser from a challenge but at the same time lost a good friend like Mr. Apple Pie and paid no heed to his encouragement or advice, I think I am pretty sure you all know what lesson I learnt from all this and as for now I can gaurantee it, I will never ever run away from a challenge, I probably will perform so horribly at it but atleast I gave it a try and maybe I should learn to listen to good advice and I learnt that although Apple Pie sounds really good, I have never had the privilege of eating one before and I should probably make it a goal to try it out.

Well that's my weird dream story for today, thank you again for reading this senseless ramble, till then catch you guys later, bye bye!:D


  1. Hi, Nikki- I don't know why I've never gone through and looked at all your blog posts from before we "met!" I see what you meant about the letter "a" showing up in your dreams a lot of the time! I went to this website: and it states that the letter "a" can often signify a fresh beginning or a grand, superior start. I thought that interpretation of the letter "a" seemed to fit Mr. Apple Pie pretty well! (By the way, I will never take apple pie for granted again! lol It's good, but you're not missing all that much. If you do go for it, try heating it and putting a side of vanilla ice cream on there. Now THAT is quite delicious. :)

    1. Ha that makes a lot of sense...I do have an immense desire to wipe my past clean and start a fresh new beginning....and dang it you are making me hungry!!!gahhhhh!!!! XD

  2. I liked it very funny- i liked how you digress-I do that a lot in my writing, must be a creative thing but it adds personality and interest. I also like the lesson you learned through the process. I question if maybe the dream was a fear of opportunity and how you would handle it if it were made suddenly available to you. Thanks for the read and look forward to more stories in the future. Have a great day.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!
      And you are right and sometimes I think also because I am a bit nervous when it comes to change as well.
      All I can happily say is,I never turned down an opportunity since then!YAY! :D