Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nephele and Kaz

This is something I made a long time ago when I was just experimenting on certain tools in the paint software that I never used before, it was also the first time I was trying to attempt shading. But even though this isn't exactly perfect in any way, I always liked this drawing because it was inspired from a very weird dream I had which I would probably share it in the silly rambles section one day. As for the one eye cat, I have a lil' cute stray kitty friend in the park that has only one eye, I love her so much, she just has such energetic and joyful personality ever!She is the best!

So yea, after it was done I didn't know what to name this drawing, so I named it Nephele (which is a name I find interesting and awesome) and Kaz (which is the actually name I put for the new lil' kitty friend I made, I am not really sure why I put that name, it was just the first thing that came in my mind when I saw her lol)

Anyways see you guys soon, Valentine's day is coming up and I did prepare something for that. Can't wait to publish that soon!YAY!

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