Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill - Dead brides everyyywhereeeeee!!!!

A new Hidden object game just came out this month and also turns out that this game is actually a sequel. I never did play the first part, but turns out that's okay because this story has no relation to the first one *phew* but at the same time this game has probably the most cliched story line ever and maybe it was a good thing that I never did play the first part.*un-phew*

So two detectives, a tom boy chick and a boring dude get a case about a missing model named Marcy, upon further investigation it turns out she was murdered and was a fifth victim to a psycho serial killer. The serial killer is notorious for killing young  bride-to-be sweethearts in the most painful and horrific manner possible.  So the detectives take it in their hands to capture the serial killer in the hopes to end the bride killing rampage once and for all.

Now as far as the game goes, unfortunately didn't reach to the expectation I was hoping for at all, in fact to be honest I did find it a tad bit boring.Let the Rant begin!

First of, the plot, now if there is anything I love most about games is the intriguing plots, but this one is so predictable, it was so predictable that I didn't even bother into looking what dialogues were being said, I just knew what was coming. With the plot being so predictable, I just didn't have the motivation to complete the game, it almost felt like I was I just wanted to finish the game just for the sake of seeing the words "THE END" and nothing more.

The next annoying part was  the voice acting for the dialogues, it was not as good as it should be, it lacked so much emotion, I mean come on, is it so hard to be a bit convincing with what you are trying to say? Why not just let your computer narrator software just say all the dialogues instead of these two lifeless souls to say anything at all!

The other issue was the puzzles, now I could be wrong in this part but I did feel that some of the puzzles were just to hard to solve, I maybe either really stupid or just bored to take effort into solving them, whatever it was i just felt they were too hard!

However there are some good points to the game, even though the plot was very predictable and weak, the serial killer still came out as an interesting character. The way the villain decides to mess with the detectives and the way the villain was portrayed through his crimes was quite interesting. Also the background scenarios and visuals in the game was pretty good, I did like some of the interactive stuff you could do in some parts of the game.

So overall the game unfortunately does not come up to the category of being something new and exciting to play but if you want to kill your boredom then sure why not...give it a try although I don't see you able to get rid of the boredom so easily with this game......just saying!^.^

Game rating : ** 2 stars
Sorry game...Sorry Serial killer....eeeps...Don't kill me!!

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