Thursday, April 26, 2012

Archery enemies!

Ever since Angry Birds became available in Facebook, I cannot stop playing the darn game!
Who would have thought that such a simple game can be so addictive!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bravery fail! biggest fear! nyaaaaaa~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Living Legends: Ice Rose - Quest to rescue the useless boyfriend!

New game..YAY!Let us begin!!!
So the story starts of with the a young girl receiving a letter from her boyfriend, Edward, who informs her that he must go on a quest to fix a mirror.....umm.....wait that didn't sound right....who goes to a mission to fix a mirror? Let me just try that again. So he gets a strange mirror shard and goes of to a mission to save a village that seems to have been cursed with a bad winter spell. No wait I think he went on a quest to find out about the mirror know what...screw what Edward wanted to do, end result is that he got captured by the Snow queen to fix a magic mirror in the end. :P

So the young girl, played by you, decides to find her confusing boyfriend no matter what. Turns out on the midst of her adventure, she discovers a dead frozen family that had once fought against the Snow queen and succeeded but unfortunately the Snow queen escaped her prison and started havoc once again. Also the other twist to the story that the Snow queen had a tragic past of her own and there seems to be another villain behind this whole chaos. As for the boyfriend, he actually gives up so easily and even ends up being possessed in the end of the game play (don't worry, all that effort is not wasted because you get to cure him in the bonus game) or you could just try to find a boyfriend who does not abandon you for a mission he eventually quits in the end...okay you cannot do that but come on..he is so useless!

Over all, the game is good, I loved the graphics, I loved the fun cut scenes that you get to watch over and over again whenever you want to, I loved how the snow queen had her own secret past and I loved the young girl and her sassy brave attitude towards the snow queen, I mean really she was all like "who does she think she is?I am gonna mess her up yo!" *sigh* I am so bad at this!

 The game play was very simple and easy so any idiot like me can play it without any help at all. Although I did get confused on the story line a little bit, I mean in terms of the timeline, I am sure there is something goofed up around there or maybe there is something else behind the story that I did not quite understand.

The girl trapped by the snow queen appeared to be a little child throughout the story, how did she end up as a 20 something fair maiden?Am I missing something here?

 Well anyways, apart from that the game was fun and entertaining to play. Turns out they are going to make a sequel to the game, they mention the title of it in the end credits, so really looking forward for that. By then I hope Edward grows a backbone and does something heroic this time, actually I doubt that will happen! 
Till then enjoy the summer with this winter themed game!

Game rating: *** 3 stars out of 5

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

♥ Nash ♥

To the most stylish, gorgeous, kind, fun, smart, friendly girl I ever met. To sum it all up, she is beautiful not only by looks but by her heart as well! are awesome!^.^