Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet Memory Makeover: Cinderella

Before you go ahead reading this article, I'll have you know that this article is not meant to offend any  beloved Disney characters in anyway, it is all just meant for humor.

So I begin by ruining one of my first disney movies I watched as a kid.....Cinderella!

Now Cinderella is this sweet and wonderful girl and she had such a tragic life living with her awful step-mother and her step-sisters but has anyone ever thought all that abuse could have probably made her a bit insane? I mean she spent her who life making friends with filthy yet adorable mice, now I am pretty sure that Dettol hand sanitizers were not even invented at that time but she does not seem to mind it at all!She even cooks food with those mice contaminated infested hands...then again she must be a genius to actually get revenge on her abusive Step-family by offering food that has a bit of mice fur in it.

Speaking of which, have you noticed the intense detail she goes into make tiny little clothes for them, she even makes sure they wear cute little hats and shoes, the question is, why didn't she think of making pants for them?

But in the end, I think the little guys just didn't like the idea of wearing pants. Take example of the dress they made for her for the ball?Too bad it was ruined in the end but it just goes to show that these guys can stitch and if they wanted they could have made a pair of pants on their own!

And then there is the fairy godmother, very economical and resourceful godmother I must say, she isn't going to waste precious expensive materials on new stuff with her wand, she is just going to use whatever she can find, she turned mice into horses and a pumpkin into a carriage and what not!That is pretty admirable although I'm not sure kids learn anything on her amazing recycling skills.

At the same time, I have to admit, she got a little bit to put it....economical!She cut down on so many things, for example, she gave her time only till midnight!I mean come on!What kind of party actually ends at midnight? What if it was a New Year Party, imagine ruining all the fun of joining in the countdown with your friends and missing the chance to get a kiss just because she had to leave the party early before everything goes poof!What kind of a magic wand is that? Don't tell me it's one of those recyclable wands, no wonder it had such shortage of magic.

And what the heck is with the glass slippers? You actually expect her to run away at midnight in those things? There are many friends I know who are not at all used to walking around in heels, let alone having to be made out of glass and for a girl like Cinderella, I got to give credit to her for actually handling them really well. Why couldn't it be diamonds?They sparkle and match the dress she was wearing! Or was it just a backup plan to something else? Probably if the prince never found her, she could smash that glass and cut herself and end her misery once and for all!Hmmm..okay very grim,twisted and scary but I can see how the godmother became resourceful again...kind of!

In the end, I don't think it was all worth it, I honestly did not like the prince!I have no idea why but when I look at him, I cannot see him as the type I would go after but if it makes Cinderella's heart happy then why not? At least she can be happy with a man instead of living with mice and rats for the rest of her life. 

I know what you are must be wondering why isn't there at least one nice thing I can say about our poor little heroine? Well there is!I am mighty jealous of her feet, she has got the prettiest little feet ever! Now had it been me, I got feet that look like the ones you would see in the morgue...absolutely hideous!If my fairy Godmother ever thought that it was a good idea to give me glass slippers then HA!She is so wrong....even pedicure cannot save the big gross feet that I have....*sigh*

So that is my ramble for the day, on a side note, I made a two new comics and a random artwork, got some few ideas for short stories as well! Looking forward to post them in the next coming weeks! Planning to make some new changes to the blog too, that is if I can stop procrastinating and get it done once and for all! Okay okay I will do it soon!Till then, enjoy your day!C'ya soon! :3

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hairdressers have magic powers!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My hips don't lie....nor can they move!

Thanks Nash for taking me to the free session!It was loads of fun!!
And to all who know how to belly dance, you guys have amazing talent!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy go lucky!

 Not sure why I call this happy go lucky... maybe because it looks so...happy? :P

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wow, it has been a long time since I posted anything silly, so here we go!!

This is another dream scenario and it started off with me inside an abandoned building, apparently I was there because I wanted to sit,relax and read the newspaper. That place looked creepy and scary and actually when it comes down to it, the whole aura of the place reminded me of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, that place is just eerie *shivers*. So it is just completely beyond my understanding as to why I would find a place like that to be relaxing!!!

So anyways, I sit on the floor and there is rubble everywhere, there was trash, scribbles on the wall, half of the tube lights across the long hall way was not working right but I didn't seem to mind at all. So I begin reading the newspaper and was looking at the jobs wanted section and as I scanned down to the list of all the positions available I come across a job from a place that was looking for a security guard. Now I wasn't interested in applying for the job but for some reason I still took the urge to dial up the number and called them up.

So I called up and a woman picks up the phone, I talk to her about the advertisement and I start getting some really interesting information. It turns out the job was meant for a night shift guard duty for the very same building I was in at that very moment and then she says that many did try out for the job but eventually left because they encountered a lot of unpleasant experiences. That was just a weird thing to say especially to someone who called in for a job interview, she remained silent for a while and I just hung up. After the bizarre conversation I had an immense feeling to just leave the building, it was just that whatever she had said disturbed me and I did not to be in the place any longer. I started talking to myself, I started to say things like "Oh, it is getting late, better get home soon. Ah I feel so hungry" I was just rambling stuff just to distract myself from being scared.

I was so afraid that I almost forgot where the exit was, I knew I was not on the ground floor, I was probably few floors above and so I was looking for the staircase from where I came from. I did find the staircase eventually, it was in the very end of the corridor right in front of the elevators. As soon as I was just about to go downstairs, the elevator suddenly makes a beep noise. I turned around and noticed one of the buttons was lit up, someone had pressed the button to go downstairs.

You know those situations where you feel in your gut that something is really wrong and its best to turn away and ignore it. Well I did what every single person in those horror movies would do, I go to the elevator and stare at the button wondering who pushed it. It was then I heard something behind me, something like the rubble of cement being slightly kicked around. Adjacent to the elevators there were two rooms, two big spacious and empty rooms, and I heard that noise in one of those rooms.

I look behind me and look at the room to where I heard the noise and over there I saw a little girl. She looked so pale and dead with long, messy hair up to her waist and she was wearing a little white ordinary dress and wasn't wearing any shoes.I think what freaked me out the most was her eyes, it was pitch black it was like looking at the eyes of a snake. As we saw each other she just stood there, opened her mouth and screamed...and that was it!I woke up and I had trouble sleeping later on.

I still dont understand what the dream was about, why was I in an abandoned building?Who was that creepy girl?Why did I make that call?All I know is that it was one of those dreams I wont forget so easily. Speaking of dreams, I would like to give a shout out to a very interesting and fasinating blog I came across, The blogger talks about dream experiences and their interpretation and it is absolutly interesting and fun to read, so do check it out

Until Next time!!!Cya and have a great day! ^.^