Thursday, July 26, 2012

I will always be there....

A few days ago, I found this sweet message somewhere around the interwebz, I had to put it somewhere as a part of my art and so this was created!
By the way, this is the first time I actually drew a guy!Yes, apart from hands, I am also horrible at drawing men!Well, did'nt turn out so bad, I will just pat myself in the back now atleast for the attempt! :P

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Howlville : The Dark Past - Portal to confusion!

This will probably be one of my shortest game reviews ever made in this blog, the notion that this game was so short and so boring and the story line was very simple. There....The end. What?I told you it was going to be a short review!

Okay, it wasn't going to be that short!Let's just get serious shall we? So the story begins with a runaway ambulance, Driving this ambulance is a mental patient named Rachel who is determined to find her father who vanished due to an ill fated experiment years ago. So she heads of to Howlville, where her father was last seen.

While everyone thinks she is absolutely crazy, she is the only one who believes he father was a part of a deadly experiment which involves creatures coming out of a different portal  destroying the entire city f Howlville, funny that a strange event like that would be so well known yet it remains a secret. Anyways, she heads over to Howlville and encounters not only the evil scientist but also this massive, huge, gigantic monster that is out to get her.....seriously?How did people miss this?

Of course as the main character of the story, you are not going to give up just because of some big scary monster and pursue onto finding out what's going on and where the heck is daddy dearest. But that's what makes the whole game off loop, every single cut scene throughout the game did not shed much light on the monster attack incident, every single cut scene was just about where she headed off next in her mission, it wasn't exciting and it also really did not make anything clear as to why after all these years the monsters and the scientists decide to revolt against the world. The ending also made me go..."what the...?huhh??okay wait huhhh???"

I guess the only good thing about the game was that it was not at all difficult to play, easy and simple and quite systematic. Apart from that well, there was nothing much to look forward from this game.
One thing is for sure, if there was ever going to be a sequel to this game, you can count me out from playing it!
And there goes my review, told you it would be short! :P

Well then that's all for on a new art, for the very first time, I am drawing a guy!I am horrible at drawing men so fingers crossed that this will come out okay. ^.^ C'ya guys soon!!^.^

Game rating : * 1 (I-feel-so-sorry) star out of 5!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sweet Memory Makeover: Sleeping Beauty

Ah Sleeping Beauty!This is hands down, my favourite Disney movie as a kid. One reason being that I found her as the most beautiful princess of them all and the other reason is that well, she she shared a quality I loved the most....sleeping!

Okay okay so she didn't really like sleeping so much...well she was cursed but who cares!?I can relate...somehow!Umm....Moving on.....

So according to the movie, she was cursed to die at the age of 16 but her fairy godmothers changed the curse to put her to sleep instead of death. I have to admit that is probably the only gift that did make sense given the situation they were in. The gift of beauty and the gift of song....really now?Why couldn't you give me something way more better than maybe gift of being super intelligent? She is to be a is she going to rule her kingdom? By singing songs to her enemies during a battlefield? Oh right I forgot, it doesn't work that way....just well I would never want gifts like that if I had fairy god mothers. This is another thing, how lucky is this princess? She doesn't get one....she gets three of them!How the heck did she land up with three??That is going to make the other disney princess green with jealously. And what was with her last wish anyways?To be awaken by one true kiss, I'm suprised daddy king didnt have a prob with that, It would have been hilarious to see him go "Say what now?" and get all anxious over his teenage daughter of the future and the true love idiot that comes her way.

I guess she didn't have it all, she was sent to the woods to live most of her life. Again I don't really remember why, wasn't the security in the castle enough?Maybe not, Maleficent did crash into a ceremony at ease, then again I doubt hiding in the woods with dangerous animals in the open can be any safer too. And who happens to meet her in the creepy woods?The prince...of course she didn't know he was a prince at that time....stranger danger....wait she still fell in love with him without knowing who he was?*facepalms*

Of course, the movie ramble is not complete without talking about our beloved villain who started the whole drama to being with....Maleficent....who apparently put the curse because she was not invited to the party...sensitive much? But no matter, she is still an awesome villain, even though she had the worst army ever and spells that can be altered by other magic people regardless she had an awesome evil personality.

And so there was a battle, villain dies, he kissed, they lived happily ever after.....hold up...she is 16 in the story?How old was he?Again, daddy king didn't seem to mind but heck 16?What would she do if she was 16 right now at this era?I know I would tweet about it, "OMG!I'm back guys!Best sleepover ever!Lv you Prince Phil!" then probably change my Facebook relationship status to married and hav all my friends comment "when did this happen?". Oh, its not complete without my profile pic changed into the time I did the waltz with him while my godmothers kept bickering whether my dress was pink or blue. Okay, I am being a bit unfair, not all 16 year old girls are like that...but hey it wouldn't be funny otherwise....we are talking about Sleeping beauty here lets just go with the flow shall we? :P

No matter how weird the movie sounds in this post, sleeping beauty is hands down going to be my all time favourite movie among all. I wish was her, sleep the entire time and wake up to be married to my true love with three godmothers do everything at my will, wow, I am so motivated with my life goals.

Well, I'm done for now sorry if this post does'nt look so polished...I kinda made this post in the last minute after a week of so called writer's block *whoops*, so yeah...till next time!Will see you guys very soon! guys still here....okay then....*quitely exits the invisible stage*