Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ah memories! (my experimental stitching projects!)

Okay...well....ahem....I will be honest....I had not planned anything to post today. *places paper bag over the head*. I have been having an awful week...actually going through a very awful phase but hey I am trying to be positive and hopefully things get better soon.

So I am going to post in some of my old and first time experimental sort of creations. Let us begin....

Presenting my old stitching project....a lil kitty, it had a safety pin attached in the back so it could be hooked onto bags and purses.

A tiny cappucino keychain....horrible stitching is obvious in this one lol

A cloth cellphone photoframe :P

So Yea, these were some of the stitching projects I did in the past, I am so clueless on these things LOL!

All of them were made from a very old T-shirt I loved so much and I had a lot of free time....I do want to get back to stitching again since I kinda learned a bit form my past mistakes...I just don't know what to make as yet....we shall see...all the best to me -.-

Catch you guys next a lot of plans made for the coming posts so looking forward for that!Till then enjoy your day!Ciao!!!