Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magical orders of doom!

So I encountered yet another weird dream but this time it was not scary (thank goodness for that) yet it was strange nevertheless.

So I was in what looked like either a hotel room or an apartment, whatever it was, it was rather fancy, I mean really fancy. I was in a room and there was an old lady standing right in front of me, what I can tell was that she was my master and I was her apprentice, she was tall and thin and very sophisticated but her face was far from being gentle and caring...she was scary.

She paced around the room with a serious face, she would occasionally pause to look at me with her stern eyes and go back pacing back and forth again, all I could do was stand and wait for her to say something. She finally goes up to a table, and grabbed what looked like a palm sized obsidian ball and with a wave of her hand the top side of the weird looking ball moulded into sharp spikes. So she was not just some ordinary lady, she was some sort of enchantress. She hands me the spikey ball and says go now, do it. Funny thing was I knew what she wanted me to do, there was a guy living in the same floor as us that she wanted dead, I had to kill him with the weird spikey ball. Why did she want him dead? No idea, I guess it was not for me to know but before I could say anything else she turns and walks away with the satisfaction that I will get the job done.

So I walk down the hall and I finally find his room, I just stand a distance away from the door holding the spiked ball for more than 5 minutes like a complete idiot, it dawned to me that I couldn't do it, I just could not bring myself to kill the guy, I dont even know how he looks or what he had done to make my so called master angry but the thought of killing someone just suddenly made me cringe. It took me a while but in the end I around and run the heck out of there. I was like "Foop it!There is no way I am going to kill someone innocent...or atleast I knew I did not have any sort of grudge against that person!"

I took the stairs and headed down to what looked like a huge parking lot, it was pretty busy, there were people around trying to look for a place to park and for some odd reason there was a huge warehousing unit right in front of the parking space and there were these people working there giving me the look as if I wasn't meant to be there. Again I just gave them a stupid confused look for the next 2 mins with the spikey ball in my hands and made a dash for it, I had no idea where I was going all I knew was I wanted to get out of the building, I did not want to kill the guy nor I wanted to go back to my creepy master and let her know I have not done my job, she would kill me or maybe worse...turn me into a cockroach and squish me...I don't wanna be a roach....or be squished...or die as a squished roach....ewww squished roach...blech.

Anyways that led to a new problem, I could not get out the building, I could not find the stupid exit!!!I ended up again looking at the spiky ball for the next two mins hoping I would miraculously find the exit!geez dream Nikki it was a spiky ball of death not a those cute little compass ball keychains that will navigate me out of there.

And then I woke up...I'm pretty sure I never got out of that parking lot...moral of the story?Don't work for someone with magic powers....just...don't!

An yet again an unprepared post!LOL
Was going to upload and share a video today but a lot has to be edited before I can put it out is going to be up next Thursday for sure!!Till then catch you guys soon!!boooooo-byeeeee!!!!!!


  1. LOL Well, this is a pretty groovy unprepared post! I'm not sure I ever had a dream in which I had to assassinate someone! :)

    1. Haha, Thanks!!!
      Oh yea,I never had one too until now and with magic, I love magic but why does it always have to be something so evil related?! lol!