Thursday, September 13, 2012

Girls with secrets - Not much of a secret really! -.-

So I decided to play this game only because I wanted to know about the secrets....well it looked interesting and I love secrets!!!what?I am a curious kitty okay?

Moving on....The story starts of with the main character going to a club and then suddenly find herself in a cemetery and later on has no clue as to what has happened the previous night. She receives a shocking news that a popular girl from her school named Amy was murdered and she somehow took it up to her hands to find out who was responsible for her death. I mean come on, if the main character doesn't poke her nose in a murder case that the police should be taking care of  then how are we ever supposed to play? Geez. -.-

So she stops by the victim's house and what after looks like a million years of constant hidden object quests, we finally discover that the victim Amy was like any other brat that loved to find out embarrassing secrets of school mates and teachers by noting it down in a cute looking journal....just like the burn book in the movie Mean girls! So, out of all the gossips and juicy secrets in the journal, there were two potential suspects who have secrets so devastatingly embarrassing that if leaked out could get them into loads of trouble, pretty much a good motive for murder.

So she meets her first suspect, who works in a bar, who denies having anything to do with the murder and gives her information that there was however another potential suspect with a deadly secret but she refuses to help our hero out until she helps in with something in return and that help was to find spray. -.-

Oh no, that is completely normal, I am just some annoying random teenager that is going to first accuse you of murder, then scream whoops maybe it is not you because I have no evidence against you then please by all means let me help you find some cleaning spray because you have bar duties to fulfill so I can probably take whatever stupid vague information you have of this unknown suspect regardless you are telling me the truth or not...what??!!!?? *Big sigh* And yes there was another million more hidden object quests just to get some freaking cleaning spray!!!!

Anyways, she later on meets up with her next suspect who also denies having anything to do with the murder but also hints about the same unknown suspect and that there are photographs of that person safely hidden somewhere in Amy's house. So then again you end up with another set of million hidden objects around Amy's house just to find the stupid photos, I mean come on! She had the freaking journal, she could have just read the journal and probably find information about this mystery person, why did I have to go through an entire house of stupid never ending hidden object quests for it and she even went to the extent of sneaking into a detective's office just to find out who it was! Which brings me to the heck did she sneak into a detective's house twice without being caught....what kind of lame detective agency was that??

So anyway the ending finally came up and well it was so damn obvious, it was pretty obvious from the start actually, I could tell you who the murderer was, or maybe not tell you regardless you will probably still figure it is easy as pie.....mmmm...pie.

So what was awful about the game?The story well even though it was bluntly obvious, it was still interesting to read about the secrets of the suspects and what not, I just wish they added some effort in presenting the story, there was just some cut outs of the characters blabbering out their dialogues and then a spiral of non stop hidden object games, it was really getting into my nerves! There were barely any mini games as well, most of the mini games were repeated and boring!

The good thing about the game was well, I would give it to the music, they really had good background music, considering the non stop marathon of objectives I had to finish up on... at least there was the music that kept me going.

So in the end, the game could have done a lot to save itself from being interesting, I no to rant out my rage of ever deciding to play this game and the other to actually use my brain in solving puzzles after my brain cells dissolved from this crappy mystery saga!mooo! -.-

Game rating: 2 diaries out of 5!

Game developers: hmm time to add Nikki to our lil burn book!! :P


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    1. Thanks...your blog is very interesting!I like it! :D

  2. I laughed a little at your closing comment about being entered in the game developer's "burn book!" LOL! Well, somebody's got to leave honest reviews for everybody, right? This "Secrets" game really does sound painfully obvious. :) Despite how scary Slenderman was, that game was pretty awesome.

    Actually, I'm afraid of the same (burn book) thing, so I almost never leave reviews. It makes me sad! I'll often really want to leave reviews and I depend on reviews to help me make consumer decisions. I think that one of these days, I need to stop being chicken and start leaving review posts like this one. :)

    1. Haha I do hope you make reviews too. :D
      Hey you just gave me an idea...if the game developers try to harm me then all I can say is to stand back because I got Slendy right behind me....literally!!:P

      I hate to admit it but I am almost tempted to play Slenderman again....oh no he is trying to manipulate my mind, get off my head, get off my head!!! XD