Thursday, October 18, 2012

Facade - All I wanted was some Orange Juice!

This was fun! 
I just noticed that Grace looks like Madison from Heavy rain..LOL!


  1. LOL! Awesomely awkward! My favorite was when they actually reacted to "shut up!"

    1. Heeheee this game is pretty fun when you want to mess with them...I played it again and my ending changed from them arguing like a volcano was going to explode to oh no we are fine and they asked me to politely leave.

      I refused to leave and hid in the kitchen, somehow they thought I had left and go back to bickering like how could you tell this in front her yak yak and I was giggling away from the view going ahaaaa I knew you guys are not okay! XD

  2. hi there! I'm your newwest follower!...I love the post with the pics u drew for ur mom :) . they're pretty cute! I'd truly appreciate it if you could return the favour when u can :)