Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shadow Wolf Mysteries : Cursed Weddings - The Werewolves are back and roaring!

After the success of it's previous sequel "Bane of the Family" comes a new adventure called "Cursed Weddings" which starts off with fresh new characters and yet another weird moment with the werewolf. Oh yes, they just made it much more weird than the last time! 

So the story revolves around a lovely bride to be named Veronica, who postpones her wedding after being spooked by a werewolf that entered her home. With the cooperation of Veronica and her handsome future husband, Mr. Smith, I was given permission to explore their freaking huge beautiful mansion for clues.

I want a pretty huge mansion just like this one!

As the game progresses, I come across many other different characters, to a point, I kind of already figured out what the ending was going to be like, but nevertheless, we do get to meet some really interesting characters, like a huge circus bodybuilder who is in love (awww!!) and a dancer with a awesome strong and smart attitude (Sassy me likey!!) to also a very grumpy gun shop owner who wants to avenge the death of his sister who got killed by the werewolf.....provided I pay for the gun to kill it and not just any kind of ordinary payment but to pay him in the sum of 2 rare gold coins.....umm of the year award goes to that guy for sure. 

So of course, besides all this, I am pretty excited to tell you the weird part of the whole scenario, the werewolf.....the fluffy scary looking werewolf.....TALKS!

Come on developers!!Bad enough you put up a werewolf family portrait in the last sequel now you make a werewolf less scary by having it talk? And no, making the werewolf have a very angry growl and deep voice does not make it anywhere near from being scary!!

Lovely bedroom, oh that?I'm sure Veronica can handle it...what?I still have to save her?urgh fine!!

So apart from all that nonsense with the talking werewolf, the game still delivers an entertaining game play, I guess what made it more fun to play with the lovely art work they put into it, I mean seriously, I want that mansion! Hey...hey hey hey hey werewolf stop!!!Stop destroying the beautiful furniture...dang it!! Ah this means I got to end this review.....on a side note....Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe!

Game rating: **** 4 howling werewolves out of 5!


  1. That artwork really is beautiful... I've always wondered how to do animation for video games! Such talent! I wouldn't have liked to kill the werewolf though. He does look kind of fluffy and soft.

    1. Me too....fluffy little guy, since he can talk he would probably swear a lot, I think he could us ea belly rub :3 lol