Thursday, December 13, 2012

MFC: Shadow Lake Mysteries - Gotta love those Jumpscares!

You can imagine how excited I was when this came out, as I said it before and I will say it again, they make the best hidden object games ever!!!I love these guys and I need a life ha! -.- mooooving on.....

So our lovely detective sets of in another adventure after his what is supposed to be his "final" case with the Ravenhearst manor (pretty sure it is not the end but you never know) anyway, you get a call from a psychic named Cassandra Williams (who is played by award winning actress Lea Thompson!) and she urgently requests you to meet her at an abandoned town where she seems to hide inside a very..err....abandoned motel!

She explains to us, well actually barely explains anything, the lazy butt just makes me do all the work while she sits and doodles locations on papers for me to find...hrmp.....right back on the subject...we somehow come to discover about an ancient evil artifact that was found by a prisoner over 40 years ago, the artifact that is shaped like a weird horn with strange symbols on it has unusual powers, unusual enough to mind control the prisoner to be evil.

Why don't you do it yourself?Urgh fine!I will do it!

Eventually the prisoner is caught and the artifact starts controlling the mind of the sheriff which in turn starts mind controlling his son which in turn....ahhh okay so it was sort of like a chain mail you receive in your email and mark it as spam, except this is more dangerous! So apart from just learning about the secrets of the artifact, it also becomes a mission to find the cursed thing and get rid of it before it harms anyone else.

So what was the game play like in the end....well to be honest, the game was really good but it did have some certain flaws. Let us start with the good stuff, the game as usual, beautiful graphics and interesting plot line, and holy moly did it have a lot of jumpscares!That was the best part of it all, a spooky game should have jumpscares and that's what MFC finally decided to do, I mean that was just...brilliant!

My first jumpscare was from her...she is so beautiful! :P

As for the flaws, well with a good story line and everything, I was still not able to get close to any of the characters. There was Cassandra, there was even ghost hunting team with an egoistic host and a very lazy laid back assistant, the ghost lady who drowned in the lake and so good as the characters are, they were not memorable in anyway. As soon the game was done, I cared less about the characters I met, it was not like how I admired and always wanted to know about the depth of characters in their other MFC games. I guess what I am trying to say is, this who game felt like a pointless filler, ha no beginning and had no future to anything more interesting.

Overall, I still enjoyed the game, it was enjoyable and it was super fun, I mean really...the Jumpscares....I really forgot about the flaws just for that Ha! But could it have done better, yes they could, considering that they had amazing games in the past, the expectations have risen and so maybe because of the the game did not pull of as being the most amazing ones, but nevertheless it was still worth playing!

Game rating: 3 jumpscares out of 5!

On a side note...yes I remembered my last post stating I would make Gif's of me, it turned out to be a failure..Also as of now, I am having a major trouble trying to post a GIF...the heck?!!??.And this week, ahh swamped with work!Like it is going crazy around here.....well here is something else to compensate for it.....

There you go, how cute is that???Ha!Okay then I will catch you guys next week, cya!!!!


  1. Kittens!!!!! :D

    I really meditated for a while about your mentioning that the characters were good but not memorable. Hmmm! Very interesting. Isn't it strange how some people stand out in your memory so much more than others? (Especially when they have a face full of fish fangs. Gahh...) I love a really fleshed out fictional character... it's always been amazing to me how you can invent someone who seems so real (like how Spider-Man or Batman or something always has such a consistent personality).

    1. take our good friend Slender you got a game where all you do is collect pages for no good reason, this guy comes up and just stares and follows you like a stalker, but still manages to be so iconic and people like me just want to know his history and his story.
      Over here it was like "ohhh nice to meet was fun....bye bye!" XD