Saturday, November 9, 2013

Season Fail!

So yea I disappeared for a while....oops.....
So down with a flu....perfect time to share these with let's see....weathers are like roses....beautiful but they love to prick you with their itty bitty thorns....okay that did not work...I will catch you guys next time! :P

Friday, September 13, 2013 feline sweetheart!

So many of you know about Kaz....or not....well I can always introduce about her again!

She is a stray cat that lives near a tiny park next to my much as I wish I could take her home...I can't!

Good news however is that apart from me, there seems to be other people who take good care of her...she is always fed and groomed...whoever you are awesome!

As for her eye...well...she is quiet aggressive with other I am going to guess that she lost her eye in a fight. 
I could go on about how amazing she is....but then again the list will never end....I guess what I do love about her the most is that she is one heck of a strong gal!Nothing can break her down!!

Ohh side note: Been real busy with work from now posts are going to be published on Fridays!It seems just much more easier this way!Heh!Thanks for all the support!Cya guys later!!! :D

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cute lovers!

Hey look a thing! So I was listening to mushy songs and it really got me into drawing something...well...mushy and little raindrops of lemonade that drips into your parched tongue...I am not going anywhere with this.
Well apart from this...I decided to goof around with the are some giggle doodles!

Heh....till next time!Have a great day everyone!Chu! <3 br="" nbsp="">
Note: I lost all the lovely comments from the past few posts that I made all thanks to using the disque (whatever) app attached to this blog, took it off because it seemed difficult to get used to it not just for me but for others as well...I rather stick to the old school commenting style.
So to those who made the lovely comments...really sorry if it's all gone away!Those were some beautiful and funny responses and not removed intentionally! <3>

Thursday, August 15, 2013


So this is a dream I had just this morning....I have now rods to describe how stupid it sounds but here goes...

I wake up in the morning and see my sister getting ready to head out for the day, smiling at me..I declared she had a disease known as Paralegic where symptoms include being really happy and energetic, I quickly get out of bed and run out of the room!

Everything appears hazy....

I then end up running for my life from an unknown guy who looks like a dude from men in black...he is trying to stop me from researching about this disease! I try to hide from him so I hide inside what looks like these large construction tube thingies (I am so good at describing things!) To my horror I see an unknown victim of the Paralegic diseases, he was happy for a second and then he slowly decays and falls to the ground, and then huge brown tube like worms with teeth surround him..eww eww eww....I run away...I was still not safe.


I find myself in a school...trying to get some research done in a science lab, trying to make out with little I can do with whatever school equipment was available..They are still after me...can it be that these men in black dudes are also a victim to the disease,they seem to serious but they are sure as heck energetic...I still need to get away from them,I need to quickly grab my research and run....

Hazy again......

I figured it out, I know what this disease is about......(I really do not what it is about...I guess dream me knew what was going on) I have to tell someone...anyone I can trust....

I wake up for real this time...I sit up and wonder....what the heck did I just dream...meh it was still fun!

Now I just want to go to my sis and scream,"You are infected with Paralegic disease!" and see how she reacts! :P 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gift Tutorial?

I have no idea what I'm doing....heh!
Thanks sis for putting up with my nonsense video...heh!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Facebook Addict!


This comic was inspired after reading this post! ...You should check out the rest of her posts..they are hilarious!

Okay...cya guys later...gonna check facebook! :P

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh Hai!

So I thought about dropping a quick post to say Hi and that I am still alive!Yay!
So here is a thing I always wanted to talk about....have you ever had that moment where you are asleep and something happens and by the time you wake up, you began to question to yourself if it really happened or not? I'm pretty sure many of you do but it does feel weird doesn't it? Like I remember yesterday while having a nap, I had a feeling my mom was talking to me about a was a normal conversation but it got me so confused when I woke up because I had no idea whether I was just dreaming about that conversation or it had actually happened. And this is sort of the thing that has happened in several occasions.

Some of them are just weird as in not only surrounded on the basis of conversation but even on other things, like breaking a limb or having a full belly after a meal, I never understood how our minds are able to make up senses like that...for instance I for one never did break a limb...dislocated my ankle once sure but never broke one...are they the same thing?No...wait...never mind...anyways my point is it is amazing how our minds really work.

Well that's that in my mind, what else...hmm...Ooo been working on a  new project..the reason I have not been posting much is also because of the new project I am working on...never done it before so I am crossing fingers and hoping that it works out.

What else?Hmm....Oo shows.....since new episodes for the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead will take a while I ...just recently began watching other shows like Sherlock and supernatural...not bad...kinda like it.

Hmm what else?Oh yea few video ideas in my mind as well...if I can ever get my butt up to do it...ok ok I delayed a lot so I will....

Hmm what else? Oo I got  craving to own a shiba Inu pup..they are adorable..

Hmm what else??Time to end this post?Yea I am going to the point of no well I'm off...and hopefully will see you guys soon with something new...umm....YAY! :D

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Portal Buddy!

So this is a special dedication to one of my very close friends....Rafy!
So I have a friend,who just like me,shares the same love for the Portal series!That game is just freaking awesome!
So I made two drawings just for him!Yay!!

One of my fav. gestures is the hugs...I love hugs!!OK,fine so it's not really the's usually the mean taunts but whatever he deserves the hugs! :P

He is more focused on the tests than I am...I usually like to land us both in trouble!No wonder GlaDos hates me! 

Well that's the two of them....this is not only just about him being awesome partner at a game,infact it is more about how awesome he is as a friend. He was there during the bad times not only to tell me that everything is going to be okay but even lifted my spirits up and motivated me to keep moving on by his own actions in his own life as well,he has my ton of respect on how he sees life and how he seeks to improve himself and never giving up on it.

I always tell others infact try to tell myself at times,that one should always be positive and to always look at life as a challenge and keep doing things that make you happy and turn you into a better person,but in my life,he is a prime example of what I wish others can see,a person that never gives up and strives to be happy no matter what obstacles he ever comes across.

With that being said,keep smiling and never worry about the troubles that come across...if you are a Portal fan,heck be like the stubborn Chell and treat life challenges as test chambers and keep on moving,enjoy life,Keep the positive attitude up and always keeping smiling!!

Catch you guys in the next post!Have an awesome take my love! <3>

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gotta love dem groceries!!!

Everytime....everytime I go and try to get one item,I always end up getting a basket full of stuff,some things I probably don't need or never heard of!*sigh*

Sorry for the temporary vanishing act, was crazy busy with work but looks like things will get back on track pretty soon....I hope!Now when I look at it...not very happy with this comic either..what is up with my sloppy handwriting?LOL...anywaysss....missed you all!Will catch you guys next week!Yay!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sweet Memory Makeover: Beauty and the beast!

So I had a conversation with one of my best friends and somehow the subject came about Disney movies and how much she adores Beauty and the Beast. Of course, I took it in my hands to destroy her fond memories of the movie by writing this very post.....what?That's how I show my love to my friends! :P

So the story starts off with the short summary on how the Beast turned into...err a beast....seriously what is the name of this guy?And the dude was a Prince,how did anyone in the so called kingdom not know he turned into a beast?So much for loyal subjects!Anyways,so the back story is simple,an old lady wanted some shelter but the Prince refused because he thought she was ugly and asked her to go away. The old lady then reveals her true self as a beautiful enchantress and punishes the Prince for his rude judgement and turns him into a beast and the rest of the servants of the castle into talking furniture. Umm,magic lady,I know you wanted to teach him a lesson,but what did the servants ever do to deserve that?However,the magic babe does tell him how the curse can be broken!He is to find a girl who will love him before the last petal of a magic rose fell or else the curse will remain forever!

So,then we are introduced to Belle, a beautiful and smart girl who seems weird in everyone's eyes because she loved reading books compared to just sitting pretty and behave like a silly useless bimbo.I like that,you go girl! Either that or they find her weird because she reads books to sheep.....No really just look at this...

But you know when you think about it,the weirdness probably runs in the family.Her father is a good example,he is an inventor and is pretty much the laughing stock of the village because of his crazy attitude and inventions....freaking idiots,there is nothing wrong in being weird! If anything they are drooling over the villain,Gaston,who is seriously,a prick perv who wants nothing but get down on Belle's tatas!But because of his good looks and manly points,people apparently love him.Oh people,you so sillyeh!

Moving on,the father then heads off to a competition in the hopes of winning a prize for his invention,but he soon gets lost in the woods probably because he was using Apple maps and ends up in the Beast's castle to look for shelter. Don't worry,his invention looked like crap,it didn't look like he was going to win anyway. So he comes across a talking candle thingy named Mr.Lumiere, who welcomes the poor lost father into the castle,this angers the Beast and is thrown into a dungeon for trespassing.Geez,Beast!Why you gotta be like that?

Well anyways,Belle soon eventually finds out that her father is in danger and sets off to find him,and she does eventually find him because she was smart enough not to use Apple maps...okay okay I am done with that joke.She then makes a deal with the Beast to have her take her father's place as a prisoner for life, to which the Beast agrees.Obviously the Beast would agree,she is like a free mail in order bride,which guy would say no to that?Especially the Beast who seems to only love pretty ladies!

And well,the rest is quite obvious,they start having little moments together,Oh it's so cute,it's so lovely dovey,she sees that he is a nice guy in the inside even those he looks like a well groomed Chewbacca.And he of course,learns to have a heart and lower his bad temper thanks to her care. You know,disney stuff,because they are awfully good in making love look so darn good...sometimes....

And then of course,the villain plays his part, after some goofish misunderstandings and brainstorming later,he realizes that the only way he could get Belle to be his wife was by killing the Beast. Several Disney family friendly action scenes later,Gaston falls to his death,she confesses that she loves him and breaks the curse. And wouldn't you know it,it's all done right before the last petal of the magic rose convenient.Although there was one scene in particular that got my attention...does anyone remember the french maid feather duster?The one who has a rendezvous with the candlestick?Well during the fight scene....did I just happen to witness a attempted rape in the process?I mean look at this?Feather duster perv!!!!

And then they lived happily ever after, no no not the perv I mean Belle and the Beast...He finally transforms into a human and so does everyone else in the castle and the throw a big fat wedding,of course the villagers were not invited,they are wretched people!!And who is to thank for this happily ending?It was none other than the talking candle stick..Mr Lumiere!!

WHY???Think about it!!!If the candle dude did not invite the father for shelter,the beast would have not locked the father up,meet Belle and eventually get married and break the curse. Also,the dude is brave and charming and he sings which happens to my fav..."be my guest,be my guest...tralalalala"!So if anything,he is the unspoken hero who deserves all the respect he can get..heck he deserves even more respect because some people know his actual name more than they know the name of the beast!So Lumiere,I salute you!With that I end my silly ramble for today!!I shall catch you guys later....HACHA CHA CHAA!!*does the jazz hands*

OKay that was a horrible ending...I apologize...moo -.-

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heyyyyyy Sexy warrior!

Yea....I could not think of any title whatsoever.....but looky what I made!!Dohohoho!!

And then I thought...okay I shall make another one!!!

I don't care of Slenderman and Gangnam style is old news,I still love them!!!Opp Opp opp.....*gangnam styles to the exit door* :P See you guys soon!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My typical weekend!

My first artwork with the tablet....OOoooo so loves it!
So this is my typical weekend....blanket over my head which I also call as the nest mode!
A nice cup of tea..drawing and well..browsing through youtube!

Yes,I don't have a cat,but I would like to think that I do!Heh!I miss Kaz!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Me so happy,it makes me sick!

Hey guys,so I haven't posted in a while, was working on a new post when I suddenly got really sick,I have got the flu!Weh!

On the other hand,I am super happy,I finally got myself a graphic tablet!Wohoooo!!!So far I am loving it!!!!

I cannot wait to go bat shit crazy and draw stuff in it, I am so happy because I visited the nearby store 3 times and it was always out of stock and is in my handy hands.

So..yea...just wanted to share this happy news with all of you! <3 p="">
Catch you guys hopefully in the next post,for now I just want to head the heal zone and recover...Buuu bye CHU!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday!

 I made this for a very special close friend of mine.....I can see why my friends don't think I'm normal!Buahahahaha!!!

Oooooo and I finally learnt how to make my youtube links more bigger on my blog....yay!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disney Makeover: The Lion King

Ohh I missed doing the Disney makeover.....but I had a hard time wondering which movie should I ruin next.
And so I laid my eyes on The Lion King!

I remember watching this movie as a kid, so I barely remembered anything from it, it was then decided that if I was going to write about it then I should watch it again.I did like this movie..the animation was great,the voice acting was amazing,the......Oh right..I wasn't suppose to praise about it...okay....let the teasing begin!

So the movie starts off with a bunch of animals group up together at the pride rock to welcome the newborn prince....I have no clue how they got every animal in the whole kingdom to come on time for the ceremony but they did arrive in the end.I get the phrase 'the lion is the king of the jungle' and all but you have a king that can literally eat you anytime he wants...come to think of it, what exactly is the duty of a lion in the first place??I get it if he is a king of his own lion pride but what does he have to do with the rest of the animals?I do not see them ever having the King as an advantage, don't get me even started on the fact that the lions eat these subjects like it's no big deal..they just shrug it off calling it the 'circle of life' deal.Why are you letting the King eat you?He serves no good for you in return?That is so unfair! And the way they just kneeled before him when he was raised up in the air by Rafiki, buffet display for the newborn...that's what it was!Nothing else!!Open your eyes wait....animals!!Protest...protest...protest....

But the again the little bugger was adorable...No wonder people loved the prince..I remember as a kid this was my favorite scene because Baby Simba was so freaking cute....I mean look at him so no no..I have to focus......protest....protest...protest!!!

Anyways moving on, Simba grows up and let's face it when I re-watched the whole thing again,I realized that Simba is such a brat!He never ever listens!!Ever!!!I get the fact he is a kid and all but come on,even Nala was a kid and she had more sense than he ever did!And when he starts showing off on how brave he is, he completely wimps out in the end when trouble gets to difficult for him to handle...what a pussy!Heehee see what I did there...he's a a pussy cat and he's a coward...err...ahem...what?

And isn't it weird that he is quite close with his uncle despite the fact that Scar literally hates the fuzzbrain? Which reminds me, how did Mufasa not tell his son to stay away from that guy? I mean he literally called him a hairball and kept bitching about how he would have been the next king, it's almost like he is saying, ""Hey so if your son is dead,I can be the next king!"..but still Mufasa  does not seem to mind Simba having to visit the grumpy psycho alone. I guess they were trying to portray the fact that the King was kind and trusted his brother since he is family, but that is stupid, if he was going to be that soft then might as well be soft for the animals he eats on a daily basis...all they did was be loyal to the king...protest...protest.....protest!!!!

And so what did you expect to happen?Thanks to Scar the kings dies and for some reason rather than killing the cub by himself, he sends the three idiot hyenas to finish him off.Scar,you are awesome but seriously why did you just not kill the cub yourself, it's not like you could ever get accused for murder.If you could throw your brother off a cliff then I am pretty sure it would take just a second for you to snap the little cub's neck...but no you relied on the dumb trio to do the job for you, well how did that work out for you?Hmm?

*Sigh* So then we cut off to Simba being raised by Timon and Pumba, who teach him the motto about not having to lift a finger to problems and stress."Don't work hard on it..just forget about it",a great motto for the youngsters!Come to think of it..."Hakuna Matata" in today's terms literally means "YOLO"....I could only imagine how the song would be like if the words Hakuna Matata was replaced with the word YOLO..go on try it I know it will be fun. Speaking of which that reminds me, what was up with the music timings in this movie?It seemed like song would pop up every time they are sad,happy or angry.I get it it's a Disney thing to do but come on you made the ever charming and dignified Scar to sing a song about killing the king...that was just so...goofy!

*Urgh*so anyways, he lives the rest of his years having an easy and relaxed life till he meets up with his sensible childhood friend Nala. Again this confused me, before she could ask him about why he vanished from the pride lands, there was an unexpected awkward love song between them.I mean...really?She is not going to ask him questions on his disappearance?You are going to straight off have a romantic walk by the moonlight and play splishy splashy on the lake?She even mentions the fact that she came to the area looking for help since Scar was destroying everything back at the Pridelands. Playing and flirting during your mission Nala?Okay I take back about you being completely sensible...geez!

So somehow with the help of Nala and the crazy baboon Rafiki, Simba returns back home to claim his right as king. He still manages to defeat Scar easily in a battle, you would think after so many years of an easy life just laying around gaining fat by eating bugs half of his life that that he would somehow turn out to be like Pumba but no..he still got his strong muscles and brute strength..just like daddy Mufasa...except the powerful voice...damn Mufasa's voice was awesome.

And in the end, everyone lived happily ever after....till the sequel arrived a few years later....something about Simba's daughter falling in love with her step-cousin or something like that...I dunno and I don't care. So this is all I have to say about the Lion King.....and it is quite obvious but yes my favorite character of the movie turns out to be Scar....woah I know what your thinking!Nikki always like the villians every single time.....umm....okay so fine you are right....but you can't blame me for that,they are portrayed in a very awesome way....Don't judge me...*pouts*

Anyways,Hope you enjoyed it, catch you guys soon!Chu! <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mommy the Tailor!

It's been quite a while...been busy!Kind of..... Hey!Don't look at me like that, I know you were busy too...with the New year and stuff....speaking of which.......
I hope all of you had a wonderful celebration....and hope all of you have a wonderful year ahead.
Cya guys next week...Take care and have fun!