Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday!

 I made this for a very special close friend of mine.....I can see why my friends don't think I'm normal!Buahahahaha!!!

Oooooo and I finally learnt how to make my youtube links more bigger on my blog....yay!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Disney Makeover: The Lion King

Ohh I missed doing the Disney makeover.....but I had a hard time wondering which movie should I ruin next.
And so I laid my eyes on The Lion King!

I remember watching this movie as a kid, so I barely remembered anything from it, it was then decided that if I was going to write about it then I should watch it again.I did like this movie..the animation was great,the voice acting was amazing,the......Oh right..I wasn't suppose to praise about it...okay....let the teasing begin!

So the movie starts off with a bunch of animals group up together at the pride rock to welcome the newborn prince....I have no clue how they got every animal in the whole kingdom to come on time for the ceremony but they did arrive in the end.I get the phrase 'the lion is the king of the jungle' and all but you have a king that can literally eat you anytime he wants...come to think of it, what exactly is the duty of a lion in the first place??I get it if he is a king of his own lion pride but what does he have to do with the rest of the animals?I do not see them ever having the King as an advantage, don't get me even started on the fact that the lions eat these subjects like it's no big deal..they just shrug it off calling it the 'circle of life' deal.Why are you letting the King eat you?He serves no good for you in return?That is so unfair! And the way they just kneeled before him when he was raised up in the air by Rafiki, buffet display for the newborn...that's what it was!Nothing else!!Open your eyes wait....animals!!Protest...protest...protest....

But the again the little bugger was adorable...No wonder people loved the prince..I remember as a kid this was my favorite scene because Baby Simba was so freaking cute....I mean look at him so no no..I have to focus......protest....protest...protest!!!

Anyways moving on, Simba grows up and let's face it when I re-watched the whole thing again,I realized that Simba is such a brat!He never ever listens!!Ever!!!I get the fact he is a kid and all but come on,even Nala was a kid and she had more sense than he ever did!And when he starts showing off on how brave he is, he completely wimps out in the end when trouble gets to difficult for him to handle...what a pussy!Heehee see what I did there...he's a a pussy cat and he's a coward...err...ahem...what?

And isn't it weird that he is quite close with his uncle despite the fact that Scar literally hates the fuzzbrain? Which reminds me, how did Mufasa not tell his son to stay away from that guy? I mean he literally called him a hairball and kept bitching about how he would have been the next king, it's almost like he is saying, ""Hey so if your son is dead,I can be the next king!"..but still Mufasa  does not seem to mind Simba having to visit the grumpy psycho alone. I guess they were trying to portray the fact that the King was kind and trusted his brother since he is family, but that is stupid, if he was going to be that soft then might as well be soft for the animals he eats on a daily basis...all they did was be loyal to the king...protest...protest.....protest!!!!

And so what did you expect to happen?Thanks to Scar the kings dies and for some reason rather than killing the cub by himself, he sends the three idiot hyenas to finish him off.Scar,you are awesome but seriously why did you just not kill the cub yourself, it's not like you could ever get accused for murder.If you could throw your brother off a cliff then I am pretty sure it would take just a second for you to snap the little cub's neck...but no you relied on the dumb trio to do the job for you, well how did that work out for you?Hmm?

*Sigh* So then we cut off to Simba being raised by Timon and Pumba, who teach him the motto about not having to lift a finger to problems and stress."Don't work hard on it..just forget about it",a great motto for the youngsters!Come to think of it..."Hakuna Matata" in today's terms literally means "YOLO"....I could only imagine how the song would be like if the words Hakuna Matata was replaced with the word YOLO..go on try it I know it will be fun. Speaking of which that reminds me, what was up with the music timings in this movie?It seemed like song would pop up every time they are sad,happy or angry.I get it it's a Disney thing to do but come on you made the ever charming and dignified Scar to sing a song about killing the king...that was just so...goofy!

*Urgh*so anyways, he lives the rest of his years having an easy and relaxed life till he meets up with his sensible childhood friend Nala. Again this confused me, before she could ask him about why he vanished from the pride lands, there was an unexpected awkward love song between them.I mean...really?She is not going to ask him questions on his disappearance?You are going to straight off have a romantic walk by the moonlight and play splishy splashy on the lake?She even mentions the fact that she came to the area looking for help since Scar was destroying everything back at the Pridelands. Playing and flirting during your mission Nala?Okay I take back about you being completely sensible...geez!

So somehow with the help of Nala and the crazy baboon Rafiki, Simba returns back home to claim his right as king. He still manages to defeat Scar easily in a battle, you would think after so many years of an easy life just laying around gaining fat by eating bugs half of his life that that he would somehow turn out to be like Pumba but no..he still got his strong muscles and brute strength..just like daddy Mufasa...except the powerful voice...damn Mufasa's voice was awesome.

And in the end, everyone lived happily ever after....till the sequel arrived a few years later....something about Simba's daughter falling in love with her step-cousin or something like that...I dunno and I don't care. So this is all I have to say about the Lion King.....and it is quite obvious but yes my favorite character of the movie turns out to be Scar....woah I know what your thinking!Nikki always like the villians every single time.....umm....okay so fine you are right....but you can't blame me for that,they are portrayed in a very awesome way....Don't judge me...*pouts*

Anyways,Hope you enjoyed it, catch you guys soon!Chu! <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mommy the Tailor!

It's been quite a while...been busy!Kind of..... Hey!Don't look at me like that, I know you were busy too...with the New year and stuff....speaking of which.......
I hope all of you had a wonderful celebration....and hope all of you have a wonderful year ahead.
Cya guys next week...Take care and have fun!