Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heyyyyyy Sexy warrior!

Yea....I could not think of any title whatsoever.....but looky what I made!!Dohohoho!!

And then I thought...okay I shall make another one!!!

I don't care of Slenderman and Gangnam style is old news,I still love them!!!Opp Opp opp.....*gangnam styles to the exit door* :P See you guys soon!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My typical weekend!

My first artwork with the tablet....OOoooo so loves it!
So this is my typical weekend....blanket over my head which I also call as the nest mode!
A nice cup of tea..drawing and well..browsing through youtube!

Yes,I don't have a cat,but I would like to think that I do!Heh!I miss Kaz!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Me so happy,it makes me sick!

Hey guys,so I haven't posted in a while, was working on a new post when I suddenly got really sick,I have got the flu!Weh!

On the other hand,I am super happy,I finally got myself a graphic tablet!Wohoooo!!!So far I am loving it!!!!

I cannot wait to go bat shit crazy and draw stuff in it, I am so happy because I visited the nearby store 3 times and it was always out of stock and is in my handy hands.

So..yea...just wanted to share this happy news with all of you! <3 p="">
Catch you guys hopefully in the next post,for now I just want to head the heal zone and recover...Buuu bye CHU!!!