Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Portal Buddy!

So this is a special dedication to one of my very close friends....Rafy!
So I have a friend,who just like me,shares the same love for the Portal series!That game is just freaking awesome!
So I made two drawings just for him!Yay!!

One of my fav. gestures is the hugs...I love hugs!!OK,fine so it's not really the's usually the mean taunts but whatever he deserves the hugs! :P

He is more focused on the tests than I am...I usually like to land us both in trouble!No wonder GlaDos hates me! 

Well that's the two of them....this is not only just about him being awesome partner at a game,infact it is more about how awesome he is as a friend. He was there during the bad times not only to tell me that everything is going to be okay but even lifted my spirits up and motivated me to keep moving on by his own actions in his own life as well,he has my ton of respect on how he sees life and how he seeks to improve himself and never giving up on it.

I always tell others infact try to tell myself at times,that one should always be positive and to always look at life as a challenge and keep doing things that make you happy and turn you into a better person,but in my life,he is a prime example of what I wish others can see,a person that never gives up and strives to be happy no matter what obstacles he ever comes across.

With that being said,keep smiling and never worry about the troubles that come across...if you are a Portal fan,heck be like the stubborn Chell and treat life challenges as test chambers and keep on moving,enjoy life,Keep the positive attitude up and always keeping smiling!!

Catch you guys in the next post!Have an awesome take my love! <3>

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gotta love dem groceries!!!

Everytime....everytime I go and try to get one item,I always end up getting a basket full of stuff,some things I probably don't need or never heard of!*sigh*

Sorry for the temporary vanishing act, was crazy busy with work but looks like things will get back on track pretty soon....I hope!Now when I look at it...not very happy with this comic either..what is up with my sloppy handwriting?LOL...anywaysss....missed you all!Will catch you guys next week!Yay!