Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oh Hai!

So I thought about dropping a quick post to say Hi and that I am still alive!Yay!
So here is a thing I always wanted to talk about....have you ever had that moment where you are asleep and something happens and by the time you wake up, you began to question to yourself if it really happened or not? I'm pretty sure many of you do but it does feel weird doesn't it? Like I remember yesterday while having a nap, I had a feeling my mom was talking to me about a was a normal conversation but it got me so confused when I woke up because I had no idea whether I was just dreaming about that conversation or it had actually happened. And this is sort of the thing that has happened in several occasions.

Some of them are just weird as in not only surrounded on the basis of conversation but even on other things, like breaking a limb or having a full belly after a meal, I never understood how our minds are able to make up senses like that...for instance I for one never did break a limb...dislocated my ankle once sure but never broke one...are they the same thing?No...wait...never mind...anyways my point is it is amazing how our minds really work.

Well that's that in my mind, what else...hmm...Ooo been working on a  new project..the reason I have not been posting much is also because of the new project I am working on...never done it before so I am crossing fingers and hoping that it works out.

What else?Hmm....Oo shows.....since new episodes for the Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead will take a while I ...just recently began watching other shows like Sherlock and supernatural...not bad...kinda like it.

Hmm what else?Oh yea few video ideas in my mind as well...if I can ever get my butt up to do it...ok ok I delayed a lot so I will....

Hmm what else? Oo I got  craving to own a shiba Inu pup..they are adorable..

Hmm what else??Time to end this post?Yea I am going to the point of no well I'm off...and hopefully will see you guys soon with something new...umm....YAY! :D


  1. Hiiiiii, Nikki ...always love your writing style bring smile on my face :) Bdw you know i have mentioned your name in my last post

    Thanks for everything :)


    1. Wow I have been away for quite a while...really need to catch up on reading a lot of posts!!!So honoured for you to mention my name!!Squeee thankssss!!!!Anddd Congratss for your blog!!!!!!

  2. Hi, Nikki! Yes! I'm so happy to see you back online!

    This is my happy face! ------> :D

    I really had to absorb about what you said about the broken bones or the full stomach sensation... too true. I've been nerding out on the "X-men" lately, and I kept thinking about all their mutant powers and how easy the characters are to empathize with.

    I can't help but feel that we could... sort of sense what it might be like to have telekenetic powers like Jean Grey or have claws like Wolverine. How does that happen? No one is telekenetic! LOL

    Well anyway- just wanted to send a note saying I'm glad you're still blogging! (I am still struggling to figure out what to do with my blog...) I look forward to seeing these new video ideas you have been working on!

    1. Weeeee I love when I see your comment! *double happy face* doe sone make a double..happy...never mind...!! :P

      As for the blog, it will come got a lot of talent...pretty much whatever you do is interesting!! :D