Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cute lovers!

Hey look a thing! So I was listening to mushy songs and it really got me into drawing something...well...mushy and little raindrops of lemonade that drips into your parched tongue...I am not going anywhere with this.
Well apart from this...I decided to goof around with the are some giggle doodles!

Heh....till next time!Have a great day everyone!Chu! <3 br="" nbsp="">
Note: I lost all the lovely comments from the past few posts that I made all thanks to using the disque (whatever) app attached to this blog, took it off because it seemed difficult to get used to it not just for me but for others as well...I rather stick to the old school commenting style.
So to those who made the lovely comments...really sorry if it's all gone away!Those were some beautiful and funny responses and not removed intentionally! <3>


  1. LOL- are those what I think they are? ;) I had to look up "twerking!" Very interesting! LOL

    1. hahaha I can't butt not adaptable to the twerkies! :P XD ROFL!

  2. Haha- I'm with you! In my condition, I think I'd break something if I tried twerking! LOL