Friday, September 13, 2013 feline sweetheart!

So many of you know about Kaz....or not....well I can always introduce about her again!

She is a stray cat that lives near a tiny park next to my much as I wish I could take her home...I can't!

Good news however is that apart from me, there seems to be other people who take good care of her...she is always fed and groomed...whoever you are awesome!

As for her eye...well...she is quiet aggressive with other I am going to guess that she lost her eye in a fight. 
I could go on about how amazing she is....but then again the list will never end....I guess what I do love about her the most is that she is one heck of a strong gal!Nothing can break her down!!

Ohh side note: Been real busy with work from now posts are going to be published on Fridays!It seems just much more easier this way!Heh!Thanks for all the support!Cya guys later!!! :D


  1. Awww! What a sweet kitty! That's sad that she lost her eye. I always feel bad when there's a stray cat around and your circumstances won't let you keep it (which is most of the time)... ♥

    1. I breaks my heart for not being able to keep her! :( She is just too sweet...she needs to be with me..snuggled up in a blanky!!Purring!!!