Friday, April 11, 2014

So brave!

Wow....It's been forever...I mean wow!!!Well finally got myself into the game....wait I always was in the game...I guess time is to blame...okay okay I don't know who to blame....
Hey I just noticed.... I rhymed!yay!Bwahahaha! :D

Anyways...this comic is dedicated to my another most fav person in the world...Rei!Always been my best buddy..supporting me and advising me whenever I needed it most!If I was supposed to explain how our friendship is....let's just say if we were stuck in a bad situation like a Zombie Apocalypse...we would make a good team to survive through it for a longggggg time....that's how good we amigos be!Glad I got to know you boi!!!


  1. You posted again! Yay! LOL- that's a pretty great reason he gave for why he wouldn't enjoy a horror movie. :-)