Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge! very cold.....


  1. LOL! Did your nominees do the challenge? :) I'm so happy that this idea of a "bucket video challenge" took off. I know someone who was deeply affected by the sudden death of someone who had this disease. Until one sees how much a disease or other problem can affect the people in one's own social circle, it's easy to abstract it. So it's wonderful that the ALS association raised over $100,000,000 due to videos like this! Hopefully they can get some good research done! It will be exciting to see if there are other problems in the world that we can bring attention to through challenges like these. :)

    1. I loe your comment so much...I really do wish the same happens and we learn to be more aware of the other things that happen around us! :D

    2. I have a question for you, Nikki! Is the name of your blog "Marbles on Glass" because marbles are generally made of glass, just as people may have differences, but are essentially made of the same materials and have the same underlying uh... chemical structure? (I think I started to lose my point towards the end there... lol) Or are there totally different meanings behind the blog title?

    3. That's actually a pretty cool explanation...actually really cool and wish I thought of it that way too hahah!
      But I thought of it much differently...the idea started out from a lovely song called "Exile" by the National.
      I dug deep into his lyrics way too much I guess but overall what I thought of was the idea of marbles being rolled down on a glass surface look beautiful with the type of colors it emits but at the same time the force of a marble can cause a crack on the glass if you are not careful, I guess what I'm trying to imply is that my blog usually has its happy moments, it also shares the sad morbid moments as well, you know with the colours but also a risk of cracks and...stuff....
      I hope my answer wasn't too confusing! XD I think I sorta confused my self on the way there! XD