Monday, July 25, 2016

The Assassin

So what's the story behind this? Recently I have been reading a fantasy book series called "Throne of Glass" and for those who don't know, the story is about this beautiful sassy assassin and her adventures. So of course, I drew inspiration of the character's personality and made this. 

Psst....I also got assassiny inspiration from League of Legends, as much as I suck at playing the game and not at all into MOBA games...the back stories, visuals and music is one of the best things I have ever seen. Absolutely amazing and I can't get enough of it! 


  1. That looks like an fun book! You have a really nice sense of style, Nikki. The fashions you design are always... I don't know! I don't have the words for it. But I feel that they are very sweet. :) Have you ever sewn anything you've designed?

    I've always thought it would be interesting for someone to write a story about a contemporary assassin who uses the Dark Web, but that would probably be a little too serious.

    For a while, when I was still thinking about how I was going to do certain chunks of my own assassin fantasy books, I thought about how seriously I should take the psychological nature of it or what the point of it was at all, emotionally-speaking. I decided to push it back in time and make it more fantastical because reading true crime/watching documentaries on the topic made it apparent to me that, on average, someone who would live their life that way after a certain point of technological advancement and a certain level of world peace was either not on the "reluctant hero's journey" of metaphorical deaths and rebirths, finding and losing mentors, etc. like most of the rest of us, or that these contemporary assassins had been extremely socially isolated. I think that the latter can be relatable, but missing out on the hero's journey isn't. But it's even more relatable to read about someone in a completely removed setting, who is a unique individual (the elvish girl) who seems to be taking a reasonable course of action, even if other people aren't necessarily able to understand it, who feels enslaved and must work at difficult or unpleasant tasks in order to win freedom. Everyone has to do that, over and over again. So there's little question about whether or not the character is someone you might get value from if you join them on an adventure.

    I've gone on a rant now! 0_0 I hope it isn't obnoxious. Just let me know if it is. I guess to sum up, when I consider this popular subgenre, I feel that it's nearly impossible to successfully relate to or to rationalize a contemporary assassin's position, although I think it's not so hard to do in a classical/medieval setting. For instance, there's a huge, well-thought-out system of philosophy underpinning most ancient ninja stuff I've read. Most of it actually seems centered on attempting to bring out and work with some of the best in human nature, which is a very, very interesting paradox to me. It wouldn't be the same in a contemporary setting with so many more options and such widespread, free and easy-to-access information. I don't think I've seen modern versions of this theme work well. Contemporary assassin stories are there to sell visually-slick action scenes (which is fun too, but again, not realistic). I think it's because the real deal is almost always based in a lack of understanding about other people and themselves. We feel some version of distaste for that in all people to one degree or another, but when it's extreme, there's a cut-off point in terms of what we're willing to invest in a journey with them. When people read fiction, they want insight into metaphorical transformations that can apply to their own experiences.

    1. You can never ever be obnoxious...if anything I love reading your stuff....its always so insightful and has a lot of things that leave me thinking! I love it! <3

      And I completely agree in everything you just said, I think most of the time this is a popular genre in a past setting is like you said has a lot to do with past settings or fantasy lands where technology isn't accessible.

      And I dont know...somewhere in my mind I do find peacefulness in adventures with a lot of green and eventually ends up in a past or fantasy set up...not sure if it has anything to do with living in the city my whole life and meaning a change? Orrrr just that I love nature? maybe a bit of both really.

    2. I have to confess that I am sometimes transported into another little universe when I think of what it might be like to have lived your life instead of my own. lol! I lived in an insular, heavily wooded, cold sort of place most of my life. I always thought that everything would be so different if I'd been born and raised in a large city or in a desert or tropical area. Change is fun. I didn't fully realize how rejuvenating nature is until there was so much less of it around. I guess that's part of why arts and crafts are so fulfilling sometimes. It's like a return to meditating on the natural, physical properties all around us, but fusing it with humanity's unique social needs- a compromise between two sides of us.